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Game 129: August 29, 2005
Devil Rays (55-77), 6
Red Sox (75-54), 10
L: Seth McClung (5-8)
W: Matt Clement (12-3)

Clement finally got early run support when Johnny Damon hit his first leadoff home run this season in his first at bat, on the 2-2, no less. Mike Timlin tried to do his usual “catch with the towel” thing with Damon’s ball as it fell into the bullpen, but bobbled it. David Ortiz, not to be outdone, lofted his 34th homer over the bullpens. Timlin didn’t even try to catch that one. In the 7th inning Ortiz would go on to hit his 35th homer as well, this one into the centerfield bleachers.

The early momentum was temporarily halted with a rain delay at around 7:35 PM. Yet again Clement is a victim of the elements. The game restarted at 9:16 PM, and Clement would stay in to earn his first decision in his last 3 starts, with all 3 of those games ending in extra innings. Clement finally garnered a long awaited and deserved win after pitching 5 innings with 3 hits, 1 earned run, 2 walks, and 3 strikeouts.

Any benefit Kevin Millar gained from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” has been officially, irrevocably dissipated with his new two-tone bleach job and Dustin Hermanson-inspired facial hair. Now he looks more Sturgis than stylish. Do we need to call Kyan Douglas? I think it is advisable.

Wally the Green Monster is someone who will never be caught on the wrong side of the couture war. Right after the rain delay, Wally was gifted with a bespoke pair of Reeboks. He’ll have to resort to wearing knickers for a while to show them off, alà Damon.

The Red Sox defense has been snappy lately. During the hot streak there were games that weren’t won by fundamental play but by mere bludgeoning. I can’t recall any previous infield pair that executed a deke like the one in the 4th inning as well as Alex Cora and Edgar Renteria. Carl Crawford fled first base with the pitch, and the Red Sox tandem acted as if the double play was on, prompting the Devil Ray left fielder to turn on the jets. Trot Nixon had fielded Jorge Cantu’s fly ball cleanly and threw to John Olerud for the real double play and outfield assist. Damon did have a fielding error in the 5th inning on a Travis Lee fly ball, and the center fielder seemed tentative in his attempt because his cohort Manny Ramirez was in the vicinity.

The 5th inning saw another scoring flurry. Olerud led off with a line drive single off the wall. Mueller carried his hit streak into its 12th game, and unlike last night Don Orsillo carefully observed the fly ball just in case it may have had enough to clear the monster. The third baseman ended up with a double that advanced Olerud to third. Cora then pulled a grounder to right for an RBI single. Mueller tagged up on a Damon sacrifice fly for the 2nd run of the inning. Cora scored standing on Renteria’s stand-up double, the sleek infielders doing their best to keep each other’s togs tidy. After Trever Miller intentionally walked Ramirez, he threw a wild pitch to Nixon that scored Renteria for the 4th and final run of the inning.

Mike Myers earned his title as the international man of mystification in the 6th inning by getting out of a jam with no runs scored. Myers took the mound with Julio Lugo at first and induced a fielder’s choice to erase Lugo and grant Crawford first base. He then walked Cantu and was threatened with speed on the basepaths, a fact rapidly proven when Crawford stole third on the 3-1 pitch. With Aubrey Huff at the plate and runners at the corners, Myers adroitly handled Huff’s comebacker and tossed the ball to Renteria to get Cantu for the first out. The shortstop then turned it over quickly to get Huff at first.

In the home half of the 6th, Damon was hit in the hand sharply by a Miller pitch, but was then called out on strikes to end the inning. Fortunately, x-rays were negative and Damon is listed as day to day (but aren’t we all?).

Orsillo and Jerry Remy unleashed themselves on an unwitting public. This is what you get when a long rain delay combines with a blowout. The camera meandered into the Red Sox bullpen, where a blue floral bag sat. Rookie pitchers are made carry said bag to the bullpen as part of hazing. It’s kitsch personified, and I believe I saw a coordinating fanny pack next to it. However, if anyone can pull it off, Abe Alvarez can. Alvarez pitched 1.1 innings and gave up 6 hits, 4 earned runs, 1 strikeout, and 1 home run.

Could someone please help me find the key to the batter’s box?


That Damon error was atrocious. It wasn't like Manny was coming in at the last second at full speed from Damon's blindside or anything. Manny was already past Damon, in front of him, with plenty of clearance, and Damon just muffed catching the ball. It looked like he was 'peeking' at second to see if the player was going to test his arm before he actually caught the ball. We all know the rule. Keep your eye on the ball or stuff like that happens.

At least it wasn't a devastating error. Scary moment when he took that ball off the knuckles. Glad to hear it's broken.

Did you think it was that bad, Ed? Admittedly, I wasn't looking at it too closely. I am so happy there weren't any broken bones in his hand.

I only thought it was bad in the sense that any pitch in on that area has the potential to break bones and break them easily since there is so little "meat" on the hand to cushion the blow. Jeff Bagwell used to always have problems with breaking bones in his hand. It's why he wore that batting glove that looked like it had a growth on the back of it.

Unless you are referring to the error. The error was horrible because it literally hit the glove right in the pocket, maybe a little low. He just had to squeeze his glove to catch it. Just a total loss of concentration for no real reason (i.e. a Damon being Manny moment) :-D

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