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Boston Sports Blues

In a dim, smoky lounge a performer slumps on a stool with his harmonica. A single spotlight illuminates him but you can’t see his face because of his fedora. Once your eyes adjust to the lack of light shadowy figures behind him can be picked out: a slight man with white hair with a guitar slung around his shoulders, a stout man with similarly silver hair behind a drum kit, and a woman with red hair holding her upright bass closer than she would any man.

The performer on the stool clears his throat. “You know, I gotta say, this city has been going through some… rough times.” Here and there in the audience are murmurs of assent, a smattering of applause, and one hearty, “Sing it, brother!”

“So them Bruins won last year but this year blew the deal. You got your Patriots not winning them there Super Bowls.” The singer paused after a boisterous shout of “Gints suck!” “I know, I know,” continued the singer.

He clears his throat and puffs a few chords on his harmonica. “Then you got the Celtics getting beat by those whippersnappers down there from Miami. Those men… Garnett, and Ray-Ray, and the Truth… and that Rondo kid, all led by Doc…” His voice trailed off. “Those guys, might have been their last game together, damn shame.” Another chord on the harmonica punctuated by the band tuning their instruments.

“Don’t forget that dangnab Red Sox team. I can’t reckon what they plans are, but they ain’t even got no winning record! It just make me wanna holler.” The quartet kicks into gear.

That ol’ rascal Brady
Got himself three rings
But then a devil lady
Gave him one of hers
Now ol’ Brady
Ain’t got no banners
Instead he got him some
Whoa, childcare planners

Oh, I got them blues
Them Boston sports blues
Why my teams
Always gotta lose

Then ol’ Tim Thomas
Gots more saves then Jesus
Now he got him some hiatus
Fans say what about us
Gonna send him Marshmont
Have them some discussion
Hope it don’t end up
Whoa, with a little concussion

Oh, I got them blues
Them Boston sports blues
Why my teams
Always gotta lose

Now them sad ol’ Sox
Getting beat out the bandbox
Hitters can’t hit
Pitchers can’t pitch
Coaches are snoozing
Or maybe they boozing
Running out of time
Bobby ain’t gonna get no valentine

Oh, I got them blues
Them Boston sports blues
Why my teams
Always gotta lose

Say bye to them Cs
Maybe Danny listen to our pleas
We all agree
Ain’t no more Big Threes
Keep Paul and Rondo
Put on a good show
If you got enough dough
Anything is possible

Oh, I got them blues
Them Boston sports blues
Why my teams
Always gotta lose

Game 59: June 9, 2012
WinWashington Nationals
W: Gio Gonzalez (8-2)
H: Michael Gonzalez (1), Sean Burnett (10)
S: Tyler Clippard (7)
2B: Michael Morse (3), Rick Ankiel (9)
HR: Adam LaRoche (10)
Boston Red Sox
L: Daisuke Matsuzaka (0-1)
2B: David Ortiz (19), Ryan Sweeney (17)

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