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Game 22: April 22, 2008
Angels 6 L: Darren Oliver (1-1) 12-9, 2 game losing streak
WinRed Sox 7 BS: Hideki Okajma (1)
W: Mike Timlin (2-1)
S: Jonathan Papelbon (8)
15-7, 6 game winning streak
Highlights: Another game, another comeback. The Red Sox are 12-0 when leading after eight innings, 5-0 in one-run games, and have had 10 come-from-behind wins.

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well, after two long years I finally got to start another big league game. I didn’t think it would take this much time and Beckett’s neck seizing up for me to see Fenway again, but I’ll take any chance I can get.

Sometimes I wish I were the one traded to Texas instead of K-Man, but then again they are in last place in their division. I’m still trying to figure out if being a middling prospect in a great organization is better than being on the 25-man in a terrible one.

Thanks for sending the Purell and Theraflu. There is some sort of bug going around, and if it’s strong enough to keep Varitek out of the lineup, I definitely don’t want anything to do with it. MDC got sent home, too.

It was the skipper’s birthday. He took the time to welcome me back and talk with me some as he usually does when someone is brought up from the Pawsox even though he was making sure no one was plotting any pranks against him on his 49th.

You probably saw it was a rough go of it yesterday. In the third I almost got out of the jam I caused. Facing Matthews and Vladdy with the bases full made me sicker than any flu, but I managed to get them to pop out to the infield. But then I left too much of a fastball over the dish on the first pitch to Garret Anderson, and even he can put some wood on a toss like that.

In the fourth I let the one-out walk and the stolen base get to me a bit, I guess. I fell behind on the catcher (the catcher, for Christ’s sake!) and he eventually bombed one into the Monster seats. So against Aybar I didn’t want to fall behind, and he knew it too. He was all over the curve I tried to hard to keep in the zone. Coach Farrell came out to talk to me after that. He helped me focus and I struck out that pest Figgins and got Matthews to line out.

I carried out that focus into the fifth and was able to whiff Vladdy (he swings at anything). But then Anderson got to me again and I was pulled. I felt pretty crummy leaving the mound with my team in the hole like that.

I guess it shouldn’t be all that surprising given the string of comebacks, but the team did it again! Peewee doubled to start it off (Vladdy was tripping over himself in right and looked as awkward as hell) and Papi singled him in. Then Youk homered to tie it. I think the ball landed around where Mathis’ did.

Jacoby had two homers and his second one in the sixth gave us the lead. Okajima (real nice guy) blew it in the eighth, though. Then Jacoby scored again, though, on another Peewee double. All the girls in the stand scream Jacoby’s name at whatever he does. Papelbon, too, but not as much. (Never understood why girls think Paps is cute; I guess high-90s heat adds some sort of appeal to a goofy-looking face.)

I’m stoked we won, truly I am. But at this point in my life I wonder if I’m going the way of a guy like Joey Thurston (he got designated so I could come up), who will probably never have a steady job in the bigs. The clock is ticking and it may run out on me.

I see the guys I came up with have success in the majors and I think I can do the same if I could get the chance. Instead, I have to contend with guys like Colon (who’s a cool dude even though he’s always first at the postgame spread) to even get a look.

Your Son David

Dear David,

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: be patient, son. Your day will come. Your mother and I have and will always believe and support you, no matter what you do.

She’s very concerned about you getting down, so she’s making your favorite cookies for you. You should get them soon. She also told me to tell you not to swear and that she loves you, just as I do. (I don’t care about the swearing, though. Those bastards had me going, too.)


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