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Game 144: September 12, 2006
Red Sox (77-67), 6
Orioles (62-82), 5
W: Craig Hansen (2-1)
H: Craig Breslow (2)
H: Manny Delcarmen (14)
S: Javier Lopez (1)
L: Daniel Cabrera (7-10)

From: kason.gabbard@redsox.com
Subject: Robbed!
Date: September 12, 2006 10:32:45 PM EDT
To: david.pauley@pawsox.com
Cc: rockiemtnpauley@yahoo.com

Hey Crackhead,

Does this e-mail work in the offseason? I wasn’t sure so I cc’ed your yahoo address.

Stupid strained latissimus dorsi. I don’t even know what or where the hell that is, but it forced me out of the game in the fifth inning after I had gotten two outs. Just one more out and I would have had the win! Argh!!! I tried to stay in, but it was too much. After I gave up that double and threw high to Mar-cakewalk for the free pass I knew I was finished.

Anyway, did you catch that weird play in the third? I was pitching to Mora and he totally whiffed. Roberts was at first and took off for second, assuming Mora would make contact. Tek threw to Lowrider who managed to get the ball back to Youk for the out.

Good thing Daniel Cabrera doesn’t pitch for the Royals. Over in KC, looks like pitchers and catchers get into fights. Four-eyes would be a prime target.

I was thinking about something--isn’t Cabrera to pitching what Wily Mo is to hitting? Just raw, unbridled stuff? Papa Jack has done a lot with Wily, and you can see the difference. I think pitching takes longer to finesse, but if Leo Mazzone can fix up Cabrera that would be frightening.

Bummer that Wily got hit in the wrist with that heat. He stayed in past the fourth, though, ’cause he’s a tough guy.

Another tough guy is Miggy. Insane how he backhanded Lowell’s grounder back to his throwing hand to get the force at second. You don’t see that stuff at Pawtucket or Portland.

Coco is playing hurt, too. He muscled out that two-out RBI single in the sixth and broke open the floodgates. And we needed every single one of those runs, as Timlin à la king was being served.

Let me know if you or your fam want Lester bracelets.

K-Man (I can still call myself that. I got 2.)

From: david.pauley@pawsox.com
Subject: Re: Robbed!
Date: September 12, 2006 11:22:53 PM EDT
To: kason.gabbard@redsox.com

Dude, in reality, are you like Jarvis’ age? You are almost fricking bald in the front. You should keep your cap on in the dugout, or try that stuff Boggs schills.

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