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What Next, 5¢ Cokes?

Called Up
August 26, 2006 will be an exciting day at Fenway Park, but not because of Bruce Springsteen or some other mega-act. Instead, the field will play host to the Lowell Spinners and Pawtucket Red Sox in an actual doubleheader. Rather than forcing the crowds out after the Spinners play the Oneonta Tigers, fans will stay to watch the Pawsox take on the Rochester Red Wings. Knowing the history of the Pawsox and Red Wings, participants in the longest game in baseball history, we might get even more than our money’s worth.

With the restoration of Fenway to its traditional open façade, the revival of baseball traditions continue. I have spoken with a few Class A players for interviews that have appeared on the Royal Rooters message boards and they have stated what a thrill and honor it would be to pitch in baseball’s most storied venue. Now, if only there could be some retro pricing for the concessions menu.

It’s That Rhyme of the Season
Well, gosh, have a Merry Christmas, will ya? The Boston Pops know how to put on a company holiday party. On December 14th, Terry Francona made an appearance to read “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.” The event raised over $1M and conjured a few timeless Francona qutoes, like “I enjoyed the heck out of it, and it was a great night.” When complimented for getting through the poem without errors, he quipped, “I can read. I mean, I was a baseball player, but I went to school, so, yeah, I thought I would make it.”

It wasn’t the first time a Boston musical institution and the Red Sox crossed paths. In the fervor of the 1912 World Championship, Isabella Stewart Gardner made an audacious statement at Symphony Hall by wearing a Red Sox banner around her head. The patroness, accompanied by her friend, the humorist Robert Benchley, “loudly encouraged all the Boston players by name.” Let’s go Speaker! Clap, clap! Clap, clap, clap!


There was a hot dog place on Northeastern's campus that would do a deal like that for the home opener. It was 19 cent hot dogs and 18 cent bags of roasted peanuts, and if you bought a hot dog you get entered into a raffle. I didn't really appreciate the pre-2004 choice of pricing, but I'm not one to turn down such an obvious bargain. Well, I bought two hot dogs and a bag of peanuts, and ended up walking home with a "Boston Red Sox: 100 years of history" DVD. Best 55 cents I ever spent.

It was 56 cents. Apparantly math isn't my strong suit...

Is it wrong of me to want Tito to recite that poem to me as I'm going to sleep on Christmas Eve? Because if it's wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

It would have been neat if they recorded Francona reciting the poem. They could then press a CD and make a Red Sox children's holiday book.

Did I say "holiday"? I meant Christmas. I'm with you, Stephen Colbert.

I like the 100 Years of History DVD. I recall it featured Pedro Martinez prominently and ran up to the All-Star Game in 1999. Good times.

For 5 cent Cokes, head to Meeker's Hardware in Danbury, CT.

Are you serious, Jere? Are the Cokes served in thimbles?

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