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Throws Like Bernie Williams

JohnnyjesusJohnny Damon reportedly signed a 4-year, $52M contract with the New York Yankees. Did he miss Mark Bellhorn, Alan Embree, and Mike Myers that much?

Pivotal as Damon was to the 2004 championship run, I can’t say I’m entirely surprised at the move. The center fielder took to the spotlight, as did his wife Michelle. I don’t know the YES Network’s policy on spousal participation in their productions, but she’ll at least find a bigger stage to parlay her talent in New York City. Imagine her disappointment when she finds herself squeezed out of the headlines each time Derek Jeter gets another girlfriend.

Larry Lucchino was the point person for the Damon deal. Scott Boras’s client left a 4-year, $40M deal with the Red Sox to die, and given the Red Sox’s frugality with time and Damon’s likely decline as he enters his mid-30s, I’m surprised Lucchino didn’t try and offer less years for a higher annual average value.

Looking over the 5-year projections for Damon on Baseball Prospectus, I was surprised to note that his DWARP wasn’t negative. I suppose his fielding skill compensates somewhat for his atrocious throwing arm, although I must say he had at times been looking somewhat lost in the field and I wonder if his collision history hasn’t impacted him more than he’d like the public to know. In 2009, presuming the Yankees stay with him for the entire length of his contract, the New York club will be paying $13M for 3 wins above a replacement player. Note that BP missed the 2005 WARP prediction for Damon by a 1.3 game underestimation.

I wonder how Yankee fans will take to Damon? Will they remember the grand slam and 2-run homer of Game 7 with some bitterness? Will it be a benefit or a detriment to have Jeter batting second (if you believe in that batting order mumbo jumbo)?

As much as I appreciate Damon’s contributions to the Red Sox, I hope that when his hair is shorn his destiny follows a different biblical character’s path: that of Samson.


I'm thinking more of Judas: taking his 30 pieces of silver to sell out someone or something he loved.

I'm kind of ambivalent about this one, but I will note that the Yankees aren't paying 13 million per year. They are actually paying 18.2 million per year once you factor in the old luxury tax.

The real question is: Is New York big enough for both Michelle Damon and Anna Benson? Something tells me the Subway Series will be extra colorful this year.

introducing a new red sox blog with a damon rant: "A Gorilla in Times Square". Speaking of gorillas in Times Square, Johnny Damon, the hairy one, is now a Yankee. He has chosen the Evil Empire over allegiance to the city, team, and fans that made him a baseball icon. My wife was shocked when I told her that Damon signed with the Yankees. Her response, "Wait a minute, I liked him. What about loyalty? Oh no, that's just wrong!" My daughter Ashley (eight years old) said, "Damon is a Yankee, how did that happen?" I just closed my eyes and re-imagined an October moment from 2004, "the year" > It was the top of the second inning, Yankee Stadium, the sacks were racked, and Damon "yanks" a grand slam into the right field bleachers, and the lights on the scoreboard blinked from 2-0 to 6-0... I remember that moment like it was right now. And with that moment re-imagined, I was OK. Johnny Damon fulfilled his destiny as the center fielder for the Boston Red Sox, he helped bring joy unspeakable and a lasting peace to the heart of Red Sox Nation. And now he is a member of the New York Yankees, the greatest chokers in the history of professional sports. Adieu #18.

It seems that the reports that the Yankees lost revenue this past season has tempered their payroll expenditures.

NU50, if by "colorful" you mean "cleavage exposure," then I agree.

Welcome to the Red Sox blogosphere, Peter. Even at a tender age fans learn to fall in love with the team, not the players. Although I loved Damon's run production, a stat that has been bandied about of late, replace him with a hitter of similar OPS and the team will be find as long as the Ortiz/Ramirez duo remains intact. Damon's speed on the basepaths is not necessary with the type of team the Red Sox will be.

Despite the hatchet job the Chicago press has done on Corey Patterson, I'm beginning to think he is worth a low dollar, incentive-laden contract. His atrocious strikeout rate gives me pause, however.

I think one of the Sports Guys' readers said it best

Johnny Damon: Looks like Jesus, throws like Mary, betrays like Judas

Actually I could care less. I'm happy Damon is gone, I didn't like him in the first place, and I'd much rather get somebody younger like Reed or Crisp.

After about a week of being emotionally wrought over this, I am just plain pissed off at the Red Sox. Its not bad enough we have NO ONE in center, or to bat leadoff, and no prospects even close to filling one or both of those slots, but they let drop an extremely popular player, with fans and in the clubhouse. You can't buy chemistry although the yankees are trying. I hope they fail again.

Fenway Park cannot be made bigger, they cannot wring any more revenue out of it. Whether you like to admit it or not, NESN is not going to have the viewership it had, and merchandise sales will take a big dip. They were STUPID to let him go. And the worst part of this blunder? Letting him end up with the yankees. Not only did they make them stronger and closer to probably being unbeatable, but they allowed those stinking fans to rub it in our faces with all the glee of the playground bully. I don't care what anyone says about Johnny being greedy, or what - the fact is I'd bet anything for a last minute addition of a million $ a yr/ JD would've spurned the mfy's and stayed home.

on a positive note: dear God, they can HAVE the wife!!!

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