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iSod: Grass Materialism


A turf farm in Rhode Island? Grass being sold? Mark Bellhorn rehabbing in Pawtucket? Too many coincidences there. Reminds me of a favorite song of mine.

Lyric by: Colin Moulding

Laying on the grass my heart it flares like fire
The way you slap my face just fills me with desire
You play hard to get
’Cause you’re teacher’s pet
But when the boats have gone
We’ll take a tumble excuse for a fumble
Shocked me too the things we used to do on grass
If you fancy we can buy an ice-cream cone
Your mate has gone
She didn’t want to be alone
I will pounce on you
Just us and the Cuckoos
You are helpless now
Over and over we flatten the clover
Shocked me too the things we used to do on grass
It would shock you too the things we used to do on grass
Grass, grass.
Things we did on grass

© 1986 Reproduced by permission of EMI Virgin Music Ltd, London WC2H 0QY


I betcha dollars to donuts I know where this turf farm is....if I'm told the location I mean

Well if I was told the location then I would know where the farm is too. I think the term I'm looking for is "Well DUH!!!!" :-D Sorry PTH that was too easy.

HAHAH! It's cool, I completely realized that idiocy as soon as I posted it. I mean like I meant more like I betcha that it's within driving distance...in other words, I'm so gonna go stealth mode and steal some some night. :)

Here's the lunacy of this sale:

Where did the Sox clinch the ALCS? The Toilet
Where did the Sox win the WS? Budweiser Stadium

Hey guys, let's sell Fenway's turf: it's historic!

I also thought this sale was silly when I wondered if the actual blades of grass upon which Ramirez, Damon, Roberts, Nixon, and Kapler were still extant. The only thing I could find on lawn longevity was here on the New Mexico State College of Agriculture. Most lawn grasses are perennials and have a crown from which blades grow, so I suppose, technically, you could be trodding on the same turf as the champions.

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