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Home » Other SportsJanuary 2005 » Why Bow Ties?

Why Bow Ties?

First it was Ron Jaworski, then Sean Salisbury. It is a growing epidemic on ESPN: bow ties. Both former quarterbacks provide solid analysis (Jaworski more so than Salisbury, of course). However, I can not take anyone seriously if they are wearing a bow tie without a tuxedo. This is because the primary donners of this attire are as follows:


  1. Playboy Bunnies
  2. Clowns (Krusty can pull it off, however.)
  3. Mr. Winkle

This fashion trend has me fit to be tied, but I’ll bow out of making any further comments.


Two words on why bow ties suck: Tucker Carlson.

I'm losing my touch. How could I have forgotten the Tuck?
Good call, Piney.

Tuck is a shmuck......And whats wrong with Playboy bunny's????


The bunnies kept on complaining when they were used for testing chemical compounds. Why they continue to raise a stink when we inject various products to be tested into their eyes is beyond me....

Oh, "Playboy" bunnies. Well, for people who like those kinds of things, I guess that's the kind of things those people like. I thought you were more enlightened, beat.

Ouch......Try and make a joke and the next thing you know.....I'm just another male chauvanist pigs who sees nothing but whats on the outside.....Now that really hurts.....


(There should be more than a tad bit of sarcasm being read here)

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