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Game 109: August 8, 2009
Red Sox0
L: Clay Buchholz (1-2)
62-47, 5 game losing streak
W: C.C. Sabathia (12-7)
H: Phil Hughes (12)
68-42, 6 game winning streak
Highlights: I thought Tim McCarver was lying when he said that Red Sox players were congratulating the Yankees after Game 3, but this article supports that assertion. Then again, the source is Jon Lieber and as reported by the Daily News. Four things I never want to see or hear after this game, ever: the broadcasting duo of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, the initiation of C.C. Sabathia as a True Yankee, Jim Joyce’s moronic umpiring, and Kevin Youkilis in the outfield.

David Ortiz sat in front of a white wall. Empty, like how my mind was when I first heard the news that he was on the 2003 list.

Of all the players whose names were leaked, only Ortiz was accompanied by a union representative, incoming Major League Baseball Players Association president Michael Weiner. Perhaps it was Weiner’s attempt to demonstrate how he will run the union differently. Perhaps the union decided to ratchet up their response to the constant dribble of names from the list. Or maybe it’s because Ortiz shouldn’t be painted with the same brush as the previously leaked names.

That is what Ortiz asserted. He used vitamins and supplements that he thought were fine because they were bought over the counter or sent to him by companies. He claimed that he never did steroids.

I can only hope that unlike Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, and Miguel Tejada before him that he was not lying. Those who have admitted their wrongs, like Andy Pettitte, are spared the worst of the tongue lashings and finger wagglings. Instead they are generally lauded for being honest.

The blank wall behind Ortiz could symbolize one of two things, either the emptiness of false words or the purity of Ortiz’s intent and conduct. The optimist hopes that it is the latter but the realist knows it may well be the former.

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