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Settopojishon [セットポジション]

Game 122: August 14, 2008
Rangers 0 L: Tommy Hunter (0-2) 61-61, 3 game losing streak
WinRed Sox 10 W: Daisuke Matsuzaka (14-2) 71-51, 4 game winning streak
Highlights: Matsuzaka pitches from settopojishon (set position) expertly; as Jerry Remy noted, the starter’s splits shows that hitters are 0-for-12 against him with the bases loaded. Perhaps he should assume the Mike Timlin approach to twirling and always pitch from the stretch. New Boston Globe correspondent Matt Porter reported that the pair was practicing archery in right field today. The arrows were flying prior to batting practice, fortunately.

The Rangers’ visit to Fenway was the much-needed tonic for the Boston batters. Texas came into town with wild card aspirations and departed with their pitching staff in shambles and a .500 record. They have the firepower to put up runs, but, much like the Rays, until a reasonable facsimile of a big league pitching staff is assembled in Arlington the team will only be able to bash their way to victory.

When the Red Sox are hitting on all cylinders as they did in the second inning last night, not even the brawn of the Lone Star state’s bats can match them. For the 22nd time this season the Red Sox batted around. David Ortiz was a standout with a two-run blast that reached the occupants of the first row of the right field stands with an alarming quickness.

Two-baggers were sent hither and yon by Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, and Jed Lowrie in the same inning. Lowrie has been a marked upgrade in the infield and yet another testament to the Red Sox front office’s ability to develop major leaguers. Not only has he been a more consistent producer than Julio Lugo at the dish, but he also brings added versatility in being able to play short, second, and third who can switch hit.

Lowrie’s swing, with the natural lift at the end, enables him to stroke doubles from both sides of the plate. From the right he recalls Bill Mueller in his breakout year in 2003 and from the left dare I say I see a glimmer of a young John Olerud, but with less power.

It was a great game, but it’s just a game.

Today is the second day of the Jimmy Fund radio-telethon. Cancer is usually on my mind because my job involves writing about clinical trials and many of them test cures for cancers, but lately it has touched my life personally. My boss’s husband just recently recovered from colorectal cancer but my friend’s cousin was not as fortunate.

I met my friend’s cousin at my friend’s wedding last year. At that point she appeared healthy enough: she was enjoying food, drink, friends, and, most of all, family. Amongst the wedding photos there is a wonderful picture of her cradling her eight-year old daughter. It wasn’t because of a winning smile or an alluring pose that made the image so stunning.

The mother didn’t even notice the camera. She was looking down at her daughter with pure and utter love. And her daughter was looking like kids at weddings do, oblivious to the adult proceedings surrounding her but enjoying the comfort of her mother’s lap.

My friend’s cousin died just days ago because of undiagnosed kidney cancer. For over two years she went to doctors complaining of lower back pain, but no physician caught the problem.

Cures are important, but detection is just as important. My boss’s husband is still alive because his disease was caught in time. My friend’s cousin is dead, won’t see her daughter grow up and have a wedding of her own, won’t be able to give motherly advice if her daughter has own kids, because her cancer went unnoticed.

I donated to the Jimmy Fund because I know the money goes to fight cancer on all fronts, including better methods to diagnose cancer earlier and therefore have a better chance of defeating it.

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