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Game 134: August 30, 2007
Red Sox 0 L: Curt Schilling (8-6) 80-54, 3 game losing streak
27-12-5 series record
WinYankees 5 W: Chien-Ming Wang (16-6)
H: Joba Chamberlain (5)
75-59, 3 game winning streak
22-19-2 series record
Highlights: Yesterday the Red Sox had one more hit than Tom Tom Club. Not a summer goes by when I don’t blast “Genius of Love” at least once a week. Who needs to think when your feet just go?

Who would have ever thought I would be thankful for being trapped in an all-day meeting without access to television, radio, or the interweb? I did, however, have a friend text me updates on yesterday’s game.

That made a day of tedium all the more dreary.

It was a rough day at the office for the Red Sox. A day after one of the boss’s boss got on their boss for his wardrobe the team’s in box was overrun with interdepartmental memos:

  • Mike: Bang up job on that 7 o’clock presentation. Can you put together some lessons learned slides & present to the team at some point before September 14?
  • Curt, see me re: heater issues ASAP. — John
  • Mr. Francona: I did a check on rule 7.08 as requested. You may have a case as the rule states, “ (a) (1) He runs more than three feet away from his baseline to avoid being tagged unless his action is to avoid interference with a fielder fielding a batted ball.” Youkilis seemed to be within three feet of the base line after the attempted tag; that he trod on the infield grass is immaterial. Youkilis was also clearly avoiding interference. (Still working on your other request regarding required attire for field managers.) CC: Kevin Youkilis
  • To All Employees: Please empty your mailboxes in a timely fashion. With recent events there has been an upsurge in outside mail. Mailroom Personnel would appreciate your assistance in reducing clutter.
  • Mr. Manny Ramirez: Following up on your question on whether your strained left oblique is covered by your plan. I have a call into the HMO and will get back to you as soon as I hear anything from them. As to your query on sick days remaining, that is a different department. I’ve forwarded that to the appropriate resource; please f/u with Christine on that issue. Thanks!

The next business trip takes them to Charm City. Crab cakes are far tastier than Manhattan clam chowder and Baltimore’s team has been amenable to our road show. I expect everyone to meet the deadlines on their deliverables in a more timely and consistent fashion than previously shown.

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