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Game 104: July 28, 2007
WinRed Sox 12 H: Julian Tavarez (1)
H: Hideki Okajima (18)
BS: Jonathan Papelbon (2)
W: Kyle Snyder (2-2)
64-40, 3 game winning streak
22-9-4 series record
Devil Rays 6 L: Brian Stokes (2-7) 38-65, 8 game losing streak
9-21-4 series record
Highlights: Papelbon’s second blown save is somewhat concerning; he’ll likely be closely monitored for any recurrence of the shoulder problem that cut last season short. Julio Lugo drew walks with the bases loaded twice, in the second and the twelfth. Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis both tallied three RBIs.

Julian Tavarez got into the spirit Flower Power Night at the Tropicana and gave his impressions of the game.

Dude, playing down in Florida was far out. We were playing these cats who were just not happening, man. They just can’t win, you know? The system just keeps getting them down.

I was rapping with Papelbon and decided to spread the love, you know? I mean we’ve got over 60 wins and the Devil Rays are totally bumming out because they have that many losses.

It’s like we’re mirror images of each other. Their bullpen is a bad scene and ours is groovy. But then it’s like the mirror is sort of distorted like in a carnival or something or if you’re on a bad trip.


So anyway Papelbon and I thought why not spread the love? The Devil Rays made all these funky pictures of us in tie-dye and it was a real touching tribute, you know? It would be a real drag if we kept on coming in and oppressing them. The Man has kept them down for so long.

That’s why Papelbon blew the save in the ninth, man. Far out. And it was so cool that he gave it up to Jonny Gomes, ’cause that cat has seen some hard times. Dude almost died of a heart attack a few ago, had some shoulder probs last year, and now can’t get a regular position to play. Baseball is his bag, it’s how he makes his bread.

Thing is Snyder’s kind of a square, you know, and he digs the establishment. He didn’t let the Devil Rays score for two innings to give them the win.

In the middle of the tenth and eleventh innings I hung out with him some and tried to get him to see the light. Dude was all, “The object of this game is winning, Julian. I don’t care if they pass out love beads, puka shell necklaces, mood rings, and illicit substances. We’re winning this game.”

I was like, “Sock it to me, man. Are you a stooly for the Feds?” He looked at me as if someone busted his lava lamp, but probably he’s not groovy enough for a lava lamp. He walked away and started conversating with Mikey, Coco, Lugo, Kev, Papi, Manny....

He’s a patsy for the fuzz, man, propping up the industrial military complex that forces us to treat people like objects and put concern for wins and runs over peace. Snyder got them all riled and they scored runs like crazy. It was a real act of aggression.

Even, Manny, man. That like totally killed my buzz.

When we get back to my pad in Boston, I have to deprogram all that uptight junk Snyder put into their heads. I’ll have them crash at my place and we can rap about peace and stuff. Out of sight, dude.

Make love, not runs.

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