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Game 44: May 21, 2007
Red Sox 2 L: Tim Wakefield (4-5) 30-14, 1 game losing streak
12-2-2 series record
WinYankees 6 W: Chien-Ming Wang (3-3)
H: Scott Proctor (7)
20-23, 2 game winning streak
4-9-2 series record
Highlights: Kevin Youkilis extended his hit streak to 14 games; 43 more to go. David Ortiz drove in the only two Red Sox runs of the evening; he now leads Boston in RBIs for the season. Manny Delcarmen wore the number 17; during 2005-6 he wore 57.

From an imagined 17-year old female Yankee fan’s blog.

I totally called this game!! There’s NO WAY the Red Sux would ever sweep us in the Bronx!!!

My man Derek was hot, in looks (as usual!) and hitting. To all the doubters that keep on dissing his defense, all I gots to say is THREE GOLDEN GLOVES IN A ROW. Just ten more to tie some guy with a funny name. I know the Captain can do it. Anyways he was robbed by the umpire in fifth when that brute Ortiz bumped the ball out of the glove when he slid into second headfirst. I think there’s some sort of rule like pass interference or something that should have been called. I asked my dad who has been a Yankees fan since forever and he said, yeah, it was something like that and worse over it was a dirty play and there shouldn’t have been a run.

Oh, and Joel Piñ-head-ro or Piñata or Piña Colada, you are going to PAY for hitting our Captain.

The fat ump at third also screwed over Wang when he was biting his nails on the mound. That was so weird and biased against us yet AGAIN.

Also Georgie was robbed in the fifth. He was safe at first on that alleged double play. Despite the refs being in favor of the Sux we pulled out a W.

ARod is the hawtness. He homered in the first like it was cake. Like what is the deal with the pitcher the Red Sox started last nite? We pwnd him so bad in that game a couple of years ago. He throws all weird and slow and that is supposed to be effective? I’ll take Darrell (get better soon, sweetie! *kiss*) and The Yankee Clippard (such an AWESOME nick) any day. They are young and developing, I bet they are going to be just as good or better as when Clemens was young.

K so I don’t know why Jason is bringing up all that steroids stuff AGAIN (didn’t this happen like three years ago???) but he totally redeemed himself in my eyes in the second. I bet Ortiz never hit a home run that high and far. There’s no ways he’s back on the juice because they have all these more strict rules. Besides I was reading that even if you take steroids you still need to have the skills and Jason is an example of that.

Robinson isn’t as cute as Derek or Arod but he put the game on ice in the fifth. There was a cheap run by the Sux in the seventh. You-kill-us doubled and Yugo (that’s what I call Lugo cuz he’s like a cheap and crappy version of our Captain, who is an Escalade at least) went to third and then Yugo scored on Ortiz’s sack fly. Guess Papi isn’t so great, huh, if he didn’t homer there? So much for clutch.

I don’t know what the math sez about the Yankee’s chances at winning the division. I’m not a casual fan, in fact I’m a very knowledgeable fan. I listen to Mike and the Mad Dog and I KNOW they are negative so that they can get ratings and stuff.

Suffice it to say that I grew up with the Yankee Dynasty at its height and I have seen it at its lowest. But I think last nite was a sign that the Bronx Bombers are in it to win it. Like I said, maybe the odds and numbers are against us, but the Yankees are used to making history. My dad said something like this happened a long time ago when we came back from super far down. And OF COURSE it was the Sux that got beat in the end. When we come back from that deficit, it will be like 2004 never happened and they will be crying in Beantown again, book it.

PS: I almost forgot to mention the other hawtie, Johnny. He ran all the way to third on Derek’s fly ball to center in the fourth. And they say HE has a weak arm! Not only did they replace Johnny with someone just as weak in the throwing department, he’s not even as good-looking.

PSS: Tonight is going to be soooooo stressful because the Yankees HAVE TO win and I’ll also be sending massive amounts of texts to vote for JoRdIn SpArKs for AI! She’s so incredible AND she’s the same age as me. Every1 thought Melinda had a better voice but she was just so old and sang all these songs I never even heard before so yeah, Jordin all the way! I’ll post her numbers here so you know where to call/text, k?

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