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Haiboku [敗北]

Game 52: May 30, 2007
WinIndians 8 W: Paul Byrd (6-1)
H: Tom Mastny (5)
S: Aaron Fultz (9)
32-19, 1 game winning streak
12-5-1 series record
Red Sox 4 L: Daisuke Matsuzaka (7-3) 36-16, 1 game losing streak
14-3-2 series record
Highlights: It was headband-o-rama by the camera crew who happily advertised Remy’s latest wares. One bright spot was the extension of Kevin Youkilis’s hit streak to 22 games with his single in the third inning. The word haiboku can mean beating, black eye, checkmate, defeat, discomfiture, loss, reverse of fortune, setback, trouncing, and tumble. The first kanji [敗] translates simply as failure, defeat, or reversal and the second symbol [北] means north, giving the word a spatial aspect of someone at the top of one’s game being toppled.

Just like men to get all iffy when you declare your love for them, isn’t it?

I just had to drop the four-letter “L” word yesterday, replete with googly-eyes and tremulous voice. In return I get half-hearted, barely audible “Uh, yeah.... Me, too.” Then comes your shifty glance, your flop sweat, and your muttered promise of a call at some indefinite point in the future.

You guys played last night’s game like a noncommittal libertine. Dallying on the base paths, scoring with grounders hither and thither. Only Mike was determined to go all the way as he ably demonstrated with his eighth inning home run with J.D. on base. What’s going on with the rest of you?

Daisuke totally freaked and regressed to his early season behavior like when we first started seeing each other. What was up with that sixth inning? I thought we had worked on that particular character flaw.

And I saw Manny throw that tantrum in the fourth, trying to break that camera.

Were you put off with me mentioning that I rather enjoyed watching Cleveland play? Maybe you misinterpreted my gibes as insinuations of deeper affection. Can’t I watch other teams in a platonic way? Why are you acting like such a kid about this? Can we discuss this issue like adults?

See how Kelly Shoppach rebounded after being dropped by you? He hit a homer in the eighth because he’s not afraid of commitment. You probably just think he’s trying to get under your skin, but in reality he’s completely over you and he’s just doing his thing. Geez, must you try and read into everything?

Well, anyway, I’m going to come by on Friday. You’re going to be there, right?

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