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Game 20: April 25, 2007
WinRed Sox 6 W: Curt Schilling (3-1)
H: Hideki Okajima (3)
13-7, 1 game winning streak
4-2-1 series record
Orioles 1 L: Daniel Cabrera (1-2) 11-10, 3 game losing streak
4-3-0 series record
Highlights: Wily Mo Peña walked! Cabrera only walked five! Alex Cora homered! Is it Armageddon? In a more mundane vein, Schilling lasted seven innings and single run; a solo shot by Miguel Tejada. Okajima continued his dominance pitching a perfect eighth while whiffing two batters and Donnelly got back into the action with a flawless ninth.

Description of a Baltimore-area opthalmologic center commercial.

[Clip of Daniel Cabrera on the mound in a generic uniform, un-trademarked cap, and goggles. He heaves a pitch and umpire Angel Hernandez doesn’t make a strike call. Shoulders slumped, Cabrera returns to the rubber and hefts another pitch outside of the strike zone. As the batter tosses his bat to the attendant, Cabrera rips off his goggles and attempts to clean them with the hem of his jersey.]

Cabrera [voice over]: That was me in 2006. I was missing the zone and losing more and more of my confidence every game. My strikeout to walk ratio was 1.5 and Leo Mazzone was yelling at me all the time.

[Cut to headshot of a smiling Cabrera without goggles.]

Cabrera: But now, thanks to the eye experts at Katzen Eye Group, my control and confidence has greatly improved. So far this season I’ve struck out 31 and walked only 12.

[Cut to montage of Katzen Eye Group offices. Various people looking at eye charts and nodding gratefully at white-coated personnel.]

Cabrera [voice over]: I had LASIK surgery. Sure, the word is scary, but LASIK just stands for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. That last word is long, but I just pretend the “K” is a symbol for the thing that pitchers love and hitters fear: the strikeout!

[Cut to home plate umpire Angel Hernandez vociferously calling a strike. He strides up to Cabrera.]

Hernandez: Wow, Danny. You’re really dealing today! What’s your secret?

Cabrera: I owe it all to my friends at Katzen. [Winks at the camera.]

[Terry Francona joins the duo.]

Francona: Hey, Angel. Maybe you oughta get their number, huh? I mean, after that catcher’s interference call  in the first with Tejada at the plate....

[Hernandez crosses his arms in front of his chest.]

Francona: Not to mention that you didn’t notice Lugo was calling for time in the third....

[Hernandez goes face-to-face with Francona, pushing Cabrera out of the shot]

Hernandez: Now you listen here, mister. There’s a new rule we’re enforcing here, just check out 6.02(d).

Francona: Plus you gave a ball to Huff when Oki supposedly went to his mouth in the eighth. I don’t know what you were seeing, but he clearly didn’t.

[Volume decreases on Hernandez and Francona as they continue to argue. Cabrera has circled in front of them and pops into the shot on the right side.]

Cabrera: Avoid situations like this in your life. [Gestures with thumb to the arguing pair.] Call my buddies at Katzen, and be sure to visit their website for limited time promotional offers. [Points to his right.]

[Katzen Eye Group’s logo, address, URL, and telephone number appear under the spot where Cabrera points.]

[In the background, Francona and Hernandez take a moment to write down the information Cabrera points to, then go back to arguing.]

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