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Game 1: April 2, 2007
Red Sox 1 L: Curt Schilling (0-1) 0-1, 1 game losing streak
WinRoyals 7 W: Gil Meche (1-0) 1-0, 1 game winning streak

It’s been 22 years since the Royals’ last championship. They did have a winning season in 2003, but prior to that their last winning seasons were the year before and the year of the 1994 strike.

So it’s hard to begrudge a club so far removed from glory the joy of cheering for their team. Especially in such a beautiful place like Kauffman Stadium, with its fountains and waterfalls. I especially love the tapering ends of the upper deck and the lofty lights in center field.

Those fountains have been newly-rigged to blast higher and more powerful jets. This renovation along with the wind-borne mist contrived to obscure the center field camera’s focus. If only the geysers could have been selectively increased during Curt Schilling’s turns on the mound. It wouldn’t have been a waste of water because he lasted a mere four innings.

The barrage of criticism Dayton Moore faced for signing Gil Meche was vindicated for today at least. But just as one heinous outing by Schilling does not render him a scrub, neither does a single seven and one-third gem transform the Meche contract into a brilliant decision.

Schilling wasn’t the only one not in mid-season form. In the top of the first John Buck nearly caught an easy foul ball but for a fan. The poor bystander wasn’t so much angling for a souvenir but more protecting his head. It’s unlikely he was going to pocket an authentic baseball cowering beneath two cupped hands. Reaching for my well-worn book of baseball cliches, page 499 tells me, “Keep your eye on the ball.”

Perhaps that is what Dustin Pedroia didn’t do when he decided his short legs could stretch a single into a double in the top of the second. It could have been a two-out base hit but instead became an inning-ending out at second. Kevin Youkilis also had a mishap at the keystone sack, but his happened in the sixth. The Red Sox corner infielder nubbed a hit towards third. Rookie Alex Gordon threw errantly to first and Youkilis took for granted that he would reach second with ease. Mark Grudzielanek had other ideas as he nattily covered the play, scuttling the visitors’ chance at having a leadoff hit.

Gordon could be the Royals’ Nomar Garciaparra. How fitting, as third base is the new shortstop in terms of blossoming talent. The crowd simply, unrequitedly adores him. That he grew up in the region and a Kansas City fan endears them to him all the more. Gordon struck out in the home half of the first with the bases loaded and has yet to knock in his first hit as a major leaguer. He may wait two more games to do so.

I’ve taken to calling David Ortiz’s current facial hair style the Reverse Clement. He was booed for not being a litterbug in the eighth inning. If I visit Kansas City, I hope I won’t be accosted for helping pick up wayward bits of rubbish, like ripped up bits of Angel Berroa Rookie of the Year memorabilia.

In the bottom of the eighth, Ross Gload singled on a ball that Youkilis had perfectly lined up save for the ricochet off the first base bag. Fortunately he elevated in time to stop the ball from bounding into the outfield. One batter later Tony Pena, Jr. tripled for the second time and drove in Gload. Manny Ramirez hit cutoff man Julio Lugo flawlessly, but Pena’s hand evaded Mike Lowell’s glove even as the third baseman tagged Pena’s torso.

Pages 3 and 43, respectively, of cliched spring sayings: “Just not our day” and “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”


We gotta play it one game at a time.

I'm just happy to be here and hope I can help the ballclub.

I just wanta give it my best shot and, Good Lord willing, things'll work out.

Nice to see you're writing again!

The only good thing I can say about last night's game, is that you are correct, Kauffman stadium is a good looking stadium (love that fresh '60s stylin') and a nice place to see a ballgame.

I've missed your posts and now I can look forward to 181 more. Good luck with your fantasy teams.


It's good to be back on the field, where the game is won between the lines. I'm just going to stay within myself.

I want to thank all the fans for their support. It's because of them I give 110%, day in, day out.

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