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Less is More

Lester May Attend Spring Training
According to ESPN, Jon Lester could make spring training in 2007. His lymphoma is in remission and his most recent CT scan showed him disease-free.

Arbitration Homesick Blues
On December 3 announced their arbitration preferences. Arbitration was offered to Keith Foulke, but not to:

  • Gabe Kapler
  • Mark Loretta
  • Doug Mirabelli
  • Trot Nixon

Lucky Lunch
Dana-Farber is auctioning a meal with Larry Lucchino. I could be satirical, but the item description is amusing on its own:

Lowest Acceptable Bid: $2,100.00
Starting Bid: $1,000.00
Bid Increment: $100.00
Quantity: 1
Condition: Excellent
Auction Ends: 12/8/2006 5:00:00 PM

Is the guarantee of excellent condition referring to before or after déjeuner?


I simply don't understand that auction structure. If the lowest acceptable bid is $2,100, why not make the starting bid? Why go through the motions of having a $1,000 opening bid? It makes me want to go bid $1,500 just to be a jerk, but then I realize doing things just to spite charitable organizations may reflect poorly on my character. I'd hate for that to come back and haunt me.

Matt for President in 2016.
The Right Choice for America's Future.

Well, at least you didn't call anyone "macaca." That should get you banned from here, you know.

Because no matter how you use it, it's racist. I'll have to ban myself now.

Full disclosure: I dropped an "N-bomb" once. Well, kind of. I was mispronouncing the African country "Niger". Also, I was 7. But given that context is irrelevant, I figured I should come clean.

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