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Home » Quirky ThingsNovember 2006 » I Lost a Bet

I Lost a Bet

... and my dignity for a day. I had bet a Yankee fan that the Red Sox would win the season series in 2006. Said fan giggled uncontrollably as he took this picture. Note that the baseball ornament on the belt buckle spins. Had I not been traveling on Halloween, I could have worn this as my costume. To more accurately simulate a female Yankee fan, I would have teased my hair up, wore copious amounts of cosmetics, and cracked my gum loudly.

He was so overcome with glee he forgot to take a picture of the back of the t-shirt. It had 26 World Series trophies compared to six for the Red Sox with a caption that said something to the effect that it would take three centuries for Boston to catch up.

Since 2001, we’re 1-0 while the Yankees are 0-2.



It was nice of Darth Vader to loan you his belt.

Hey you made a bet. Way to go in paying it off. So how many showers did you have to take afterwards to get rid of that icky feeling? I still can't get over how weird I felt the time I bought some Yankees' merchandise as a present to my friend's father that has taken to me Yankees/Red Sox games and even postseason games.

You know, I was wondering when this shoe was going to drop.
I remember you writing about it early in the season when the Red Sox won a bunch from the Yankees. I didn't give it a thought until the lost weekend, and then I thought "Oh dear, Empy is in trouble now."
At least public embarrassment wasn't part of the package. The internets? Like anyone has time for them.

Bringing up Darth Vader inspires me to bring up the age-old question of how does one spell his heavy breathing? I can't even begin to create the onomatopoeia for it.

I was going to wear the Head Sox t-shirt from the Red Seat I just got as a prophylactic, but it was too hot that day.

Stupid internets.

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