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Game 96: July 22, 2006
Red Sox (59-37), 2
Mariners (46-51), 5

L: Kason Gabbard (0-1)
W: Felix Hernandez (9-8)
H: Mark Lowe (1)
S: J.J. Putz (19)

From: pauley.david@redsox.com
Subject: S’up?
Date: June 22, 2006 10:16:53 PM EDT
To: kason.gabard@redsox.com

Yo K-Man,

Dude, I can’t believe they spelled your name wrong for your redsox.com address. What up with that? I don’t know how soon they’ll get around to fix it--check out mine. They haven’t even deactivated mine, yet. ;)

Since I started on July 20th the game was on Fox, I got to watch your debut. Isn’t it awesome to pitch in the show? The guys are so great. I loved just sitting in the dugout with them, eating sunflower seeds, shooting the breeze. Man, I miss all that. I even miss Coach Nipper’s nagging! I bet Leftster was giving you a lot of crap.

The Fox guys were annoying as hell. They were reaming Manny and the team and stuff. But they said pretty good stuff about you and even pronounced your name right.

I totally don’t blame you giving up a leadoff hit to Ichiro. He’s so fast and he can make contact with any sort of pitch. You set up the double play for Beltre to ground into real good, I can see you’re using my strategy there. Sick thing is that dude makes more in a day than we do all year, combined.

Well, congrats and all that--you should gotten the win. That call in the sixth was bogus; Grecian Formula threw to Papi in time. Larry Poncino isn’t good enough to be working games for International League.

Cracker OUT.

From: kason.gabard@redsox.com
Subject: Re: S’up?
Date: June 22, 2006 11:26:53 PM EDT
To: pauley.david@redsox.com

Hey Crack--

Yeah, I don’t know what the deal is with these IT guys. They were going to make it “Jason Gabbard” and was all, no, man, with a “k.” And the guy went, “What, are you Roger Clemens’ son or something?” Enough with the tude, you know what I mean?

Leftster was being a pain, as usual. He kept on telling everyone I was the batboy. When they figured out I wasn’t, he then pronounced my names wrong. Guess when you get a few wins in the bigs you forget the days we were freezing our asses off together in Portland.

I know you were real positive about your experience up here, but I have to say having Tavarez and Seanez pitch behind doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. I had hoped the offense would come through, but King Felix was owning us big time. We only got four hits the whole game.

“Grecian Formula?” I guess that’s Lowell, right? I don’t think he’ll let me call him that. Good thing he was feeling better. That homer to left over the scoreboard was crushed.

You should have gotten that win on Thursday, btw, but at least we won.

Have to go now, got an early AM meeting with Coach Nipper to go over the game. Laters.

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