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Game 61: June 11, 2006
Rangers (34-29), 13
Red Sox (36-25), 6
W: John Wasdin (1-0)
H: Ron Mahay (5)
H: Rick Bauer (1)
L: David Pauley (0-2)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Whatever you put into the cookies you made for Big Papi, you’d better keep on using it. Did you see that homer he whacked in the ninth inning to win the game yesterday? It was so incredible. I ran out to home plate to join in on the jumping up and down. I almost got knocked over by a few guys and Coach Nipper was looking at me all stern since I was supposed to start in a few hours. Caught red-handed!

I hope you’re not too worried about how Sunday went for me. I know it looks bad with my line being 5 IP, 12 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 1 BB, 5 K. But, hey, I only walked one guy. Besides, quite a few of those hits weren’t completely clobbered, especially in the beginning. The ball was being hit to where guys weren’t. Stuff like that happens and you just gotta keep plugging along. I was talking to Rudy afterwards and he knows exactly how I feel because the same thing happens to him. I think he might be able to give me some good advice about how to handle it when things just don’t go your way.

One thing that got me sorta nervous was when I was taking my warm-up pitches this girl was taking lotsa pictures of me. It’s not like I’m Mr. Big Time or anything. Anyway, I overheard her talking to her friend (who was wearing a tie--who wears a tie at Fenway?) and she was talking about some blog thing she writes. These Boston fans are insane.

But I gotta admit I love it. Standing on the mound nearly deafened by the crowd’s cheers is something I will tell my grand-kids. (And no, Mom, I don’t have anyone serious right now. It’s just a figure of speech!) They even applauded as I left the mound even though I stunk up the place because it was my first start on the home field. Just incredible.

I’m relieved that Leftster finally got called up. Remember that pink backpack I told you guys about? Guess who has to carry it now? Red Sox top prospect or not, he’s still greener than me. Will send pics.

I’m getting the feeling that I’ll be heading back down soon, just when I really started to bond with the guys. Like, Me and Grecian Formula (Mike Lowell) have got the hidden ball trick down pat and I pretty much have a complete handshake routine with Big Papi (will send video). But that’s ok, because I know someday in the future I’ll be able to contribute even more than I can now.

Your Son David

(P.S. Mom, when you send packages, can you put “David” instead of “Davey” on the label? I’ve been getting hassled because of that. For now, you have to send things to Ben Mondor Way, Pawtucket, RI 02860. Thanks....)


Forgive me if I'm the only one of 35,000 fans who has a little class.

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