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Game 57: June 8, 2006
Red Sox (34-23), 9
Yankees (35-23), 3
W: Curt Schilling (9-2)
L: Jaret Wright (3-4)
BS: Scott Proctor (4)

I must applaud Johnny Damon, Bernie Williams, and Robinson Cano for their restraint last night. Despite their solo home runs in the first, second, and fifth innings respectively, the trio did not make curtain calls.

Also deserving credit was the crowd at Yankee Stadium, which demonstrated refinement by chanting “Boston sucks!” only 1,159 times rather than the typical 3,408.

As Damon is the center of his universe, he seemed to forget that other center fielders such as Coco Crisp can make the throw from shallow center field to double off runners on second base. The solipsistic nouveau Yankee was erased from the basepaths to bring an inglorious ending to the third inning.

Jason Varitek looked to be the goat of the game when he grounded into a 1-2-3 double play with the bases loaded in the first inning. The Red Sox backstop did as he always preferred to do: speak softly and carry a big stick. Curt Schilling also was in line for the dishonorable mention because of the three taters he tossed, but he would eventually be bailed out by his battery mate.

How quickly was Alex Rodriguez text messaging the official scorer to have the error called against him in the sixth inning? I can imagine the conversation now:

MVPAlex: Yo dat wznt err
BillShannon: It clearly was. That ball ate you up.
MVPAlex: No wA chng it nw
BillShannon: No can do; it’s about integrity.
MVPAlex: I cn gt u table @ il mulino
BillShannon: ...well, it’s not like Wright has any pull. Ok.
MVPAlex: Cll scott he cn h%k u ^

So, Alex Gonzalez benefited by the official scorer’s call with an RBI double to grant his team the lead. Earlier that inning the Red Sox tallied two runs, including a Varitek RBI single that somewhat squelched recent concerns of his declining production. The Captain would have more to say on that matter with his three-run homer in the seventh inning.

Averting the sweep, the Red Sox will make their way back to Fenway for a brief series against the Rangers. The weekend promises to be rife with revelations: Jon Lester will make his major league debut, Josh Beckett and Matt Clement will seek redemption, and David McCarty returns to broadcasting.


> ...
> MVPAlex: No wA chng it nw
> ...

LOL. Nice!

Hilarious! Can you believe E-Rod is actually going to be starting at 3B for the AL All-Stars?

Despite Rodriguez's lack of timely hitting, he is still has .395 OBP (next closest is Blalock at .389), .502 slugging (fourth after Glaus, Lowell, and Chavez), tied at second with Inge and Chavez with 13 homers, 39 BBs (leads Glaus by 2 walks), and is third in RBIs (45).

But Glaus and Blalock are also deserving, and Chavez slightly less so.

That's not what you said when I punched his vote on my ballot. It took a charity "Jose Lopez" vote to quiet your heckling.

Well, maybe because when you were gleefully making chads to shower on me you kept on saying, "A-Rod is sooooo hawt!"

1) I'm 70% sure you deserved those chads. I don't remember for what, but it seemed appropriate at the time.

2) That is a terrible impression of me. It's more like "A-Rod is soooooooooooooooo hott!!"

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