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New Sensation

Since real Red Sox news has been about as slow as J. T. Snow making his way down the first base line, I’ve had time to make updates to this site’s subpages:

  • The News subpage is now fully operational. Clicking on Old Hickory gives you access to the most recent feeds from the Boston Red Sox official site, Boston Herald, Providence Journal, Boston Globe, Rotoworld, and baseball headlines from the Associated Press. So much for my attempted boycott of the Globe spurred by Steve Silva’s irresponsible use of Civil Rights era picture. As demonstrated by the Theo Epstein saga, this news organization is such an integral part of the Red Sox news scene that it is difficult to be comprehensive without including their feed. I would have liked to include the Hartford Courant but they do not have a Red Sox or even baseball specific feed, surprisingly enough.
  • I’ve added a countdown to the Sea Dogs’ Opening Day and made the Countdown page a place for the webcam at the corner of Lansdowne and Ipswich courtesy of Fenway Views. For some reason the webcam inside of Fenway displayed by Weatherbug hasn’t been updated since October last year. Hopefully it will go live again once the season starts.
  • Also see About, Meta, and Red Sox Links for some nifty updates if you haven’t been there in a while.

(The title of this post was inspired by the song “New Sensation” by INXS. I loved that song and video. It had frenetic stop motion and an exposure rate that allowed for neon lights to write words in the air. Waxing nostalgic about the 80s, I checked on some of my former obsessions. I was surprised by the number of suicides of these past idols. Michael Hutchence died in 1997. I hadn’t realized until recently that another musician who broke out in the 80s, Paul Hester, the drummer for Crowded House, killed himself last year. As Stuart Adamson of Big Country did in 2001, Hester hung himself. It’s bizarre that a seemingly fun-loving decade also cultivated self-destructiveness in its wake.)


The news box is really nice.

Thanks, twitch. Let me know if there are other feed sources I should add.

I can't think of any. I don't use RSS much (except for getting podcasts).

This is an odd behavior: when twitch used "RSS" in lower case, it disrupted the css for my page on the "permalink" URL. I'm reporting it to TypePad right now.

Weird. Good luck finding out what's up.

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