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Death Wish VI: Cornrows for Cuties

Who could have predicted that the right-handed pitcher with the balletic windup claimed off waivers on February 4, 2003 would have played such a pivotal role on the 2004 Boston Red Sox world championship team? Bronson Arroyo was the at the center of two crucial plays that season: the extra innings comeback victory of July 24 and the garboil at first base in Game 6 of the ALCS.

As one of my readers, Pine Tar Helmet, has pointed out, Arroyo is the antithesis of Alex Rodriguez. The pair faced each other high school in Florida, and even then Rodriguez outclassed everyone around him and was distinctly aware of that fact. In contrast, the young pitcher was never in the spotlight until he was picked up by the Red Sox and had his first seven-figure salary last year. Rodriguez had his first seven-figure year in 1997 when he was 22 and has been chasing the dollar signs ever since.

“I just thought he was really cocky,” said Arroyo of the Yankee third baseman.

Still a relative bargain with his 3-year contract estimated to be worth $11.5M to $12.M, Arroyo is projected to accrue a total VORP of 55.5 from 2006 to 2008 according to the Baseball Prospectus. Meanwhile, a player such as Kevin Millwood inked a 5-year deal for $60M with only a 36.3 for his 3-year VORP total. It’s understandable why Arroyo’s agent, Gregg Clifton, advised against this deal. The 28-year old starting pitcher probably could have netted a deal similar to Derek Lowe’s 4-year, $36M contract with the Dodgers. Instead, he gave his team a significant hometown discount. Perhaps Arroyo is banking on a lucrative music deal after he’s finished with baseball. With this multi-year deal, I do hope for a larger commitment on his part to the team and no new music releases.

To be sure, Rodriguez is a multiple league MVP winner, will likely be a Hall of Famer, and could possibly break the all-time home run record. But Arroyo was and always will be world champion.


*Note: the address of the LJ I have changed*

Anywho, count me in the camp of happy that he's possibly sticking around. The whole gentlemen's agreement thing I think only really applies to this offseason, at least IMO. I hope to hell he doesn't suck. Only two things I ask of him is that he doesn't suck and that he doesn't do any musical things during the season... All Star Break? Sure why not, just don't be starting the next day.

In this day and age of dishonesty, you gotta give Bronson credit for putting the money where his mouth is. He said he wanted to stay here, and hey, hey friggin went against his agent's advice to stay here.

And by "happy," you mean "happy in the pants," I'm sure.

I love the new look of your site, Piney. Since LiveJournal was bought by SixApart, it looks like they've added some of the functions of TypePad to to LJ. Very sharp!

During the Millwood rigamarole, I did a quick comparison of Arroyo and Millwood and the former was the better pitcher in more categories than I would have predicted.

No more performing music for him unless it's for charity, though.

Yeah I just wish my compy wasn't being so crappy because I can't see some of the buttons or whatever cuz of formatting. But thanks on the whole nice look stuff...the background is actually one of the beaches in my town. I thought it went well(though I didn't take that picture myself...I'm not that talented mind you)

Agreed on the music.

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