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Terribly Wrong

Looking back at this post in December, I was completely off base in labeling Carl Anthony Pavano as the next Jeff Weaver, Jose Contreras, or Javier Vazquez. Near as I can recall, these three former Yankee pitchers’ names weren’t bandied about as trade bait near the deadline as Pavano’s is now. Rumor mill grist has Pavano going to the Seattle Mariners for outfielder Randy Winn and possibly a starting pitcher. So, Pavano ends up not being Weatrequez, but something worse. I apologize for my inaccurate divination.


But Sane Carl is on the DL, so he can't be traded. If they get Winn, let's hope they give up more prospects, and that way they'll have even less of a future, still no pitching, and the shitty Pavano.

Well, Contreres was traded at the deadline last year, but it kind of came out of nowhere. The other two had to wait until the off-season to be given up on.

I also would like to go on record as being a fan of the phrase "bandied about". So if anyone asks you if anyone likes that phrase, you can point them my way.

This Seattle Post Intelligencer link says that a Pavano trade is "next-to-impossible." That implied to me that there could be a way for it to happen, unless this paper is not so intelligencer.

...unless this paper is not so intelligencer.

I don't trust anything I read in that paper. Note that it makes no claims about being intelligencer. It's post-intelligencer.

Excellent point, Earl. And not only that, but post intelligencer=

Pelting elite scorn
Sport intelligence (An obvious misnomer)
Preen stoic telling

Police relent Sting.

I'm intelligencer than you...

Go tip, lil' sentencer.

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