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Game 95: July 21, 2005
Red Sox (53-42), 6
White Sox (62-32), 5
H: Mike Timlin (17)
BS, W: Curt Schilling (1, 2-3)

L: Luis Vizcaino (4-4)
W: Joe Crede (1-0)*

Joey Cora, brother of Alex, is the third base coach for the White Sox. Help a brother out, Joey.

After Clement ran to first base to help put out A.J. Pierzynski in the 6th inning for the second out, Dave Wallace came out to deliver his patented accupat therapy. Wallace knows the exact pressure points to pat to align his pitchers’ chakras. This, along with the Phitel titanium accessories, make the Red Sox the poster child for alternative health in baseball. All of Clement’s earned runs came on 3 home runs, which might be something to look out for in the future. He went 6 innings with 6 hits, 4 earned runs, 2 walks, and 4 strikeouts.

Although the White Sox started off with a lead from the 1st inning with Carl Everett’s 2-run home run to center field. Paul Konerko and Aaron Rowand both homered to left center field in the 4th inning. It seemed to be going the pale hose’s way, but never count out the potent Boston offense.

Johnny Damon began the comeback in the 5th inning with a leadoff double to center. Edgar Renteria then drove him in with a double of his own to Rowand. Who else but David Ortiz to get his team within one run of the opposition by driving Renteria in with a single to the opposite field?

Clement had settled down enough to maintain the score for the 5th and 6th innings, despite the epic at bat executed by Timo Perez. Perez’s 13-pitch at bat ended in a walk and put Clement in a jam with 2 runners on base. He recovered to strikeout Crede to end the inning. This won’t be the last you hear about this particular third baseman.

Damon again spurred a rally in the 7th inning by getting an infield single off of Cliff Politte. Politte then walked Renteria, setting the stage for Ortiz. White Sox second baseman Tadahito Iguchi, whom the Red Sox were reportedly pursuing in the offseason, booted the ball hit to him and made an errant throw to home to achieve 2 errors in the same play. I wonder how may errors a single player can have in a single play? Renteria scores on a Millar sacrifice fly with the bases loaded, but Ortiz is thrown out at third base to end the inning into what Gameday calls a “sacrifice double play.”

With the Red Sox in a slim one-run lead in the bottom of the 7th, Iguchi doubled on a liner to right field with 2 out and the ball attendant gets in the way of Trot Nixon as he attempts to field it. Everett then walked on 4 pitches. For a moment it seemed that Timlin might blow the game, but he induced a pop out from Konerko to end the threat.

In the 8th inning, after striking out Pierzynski, Schilling gave up a double to Rowand. He got Perez to ground out, but that put Rowand 90 feet away from a tie. Crede came to bat and went to the opposite field for a RBI double, and Schilling got his first blown save of the season.

With one out in the 9th, Crede dropped a foul ball off of Manny Ramirez’s bat. A White Sox fan was picked up on NESN’s microphones, yelling repeatedly, “Two hands!” On the very next pitch, Ramirez hit what would be the game-winning homer.

So, the Red Sox did get some help from another Sox brother, but instead of Joey, it was Joe.

Since you all enjoyed the palindrome post so much, without further ado I bring you the rest of the post anagram-style:

  • Carl Everett loves dinosaurs: Slurs declarative overtones
  • Paul Konerko from Providence: Provoke panicked lemon furor
  • Monumental Timo Perez at bat: Zanier ambulant totem tempo
  • Damon scores despite Sveum: Menaced speeds suit vrooms
  • Joe Crede drops foul ball: Cajoler fuddles blooper
  • Manny gets the lead: Angel dynast theme
  • Schilling comes through: Solemn highlight occurs

*Dig at the White Sox third baseman courtesy of 12eight.


Very nice.

Anagram.com is fun!

EE's preferred anagram site is Internet Anagram Server/I, Rearrangement Servant.

Empyreal Environs =

A Nielsen prover, my!
A severely nip morn
A penile envy Mrs., or...
A seemly riven porn
A revery--Simple? Non!
A Server? Men, I ply on

I like:

Ornery maven plies
Palms evener irony
Merely nine vapors
Nine players mover
Aversely nonprime


No, sever my praline.

Leap NY, RSN. Move, ire.

"S": An Evil NY Emperor. (You know who "S" is.)

Remy loves par nine.

Ramen reps. I love NY!

I found two notable events involving a single player in a single play having multiple errors.

1. Tommy John had 9 errorless seasons, but had one spectacular game with 3 errors on July 27, 1988: "In the fourth inning against the Brewers, John muffed a ground ball for one error and threw wildly past first base for a second. Then, inexplicably, he intercepted the throw home from right field and threw wildly past the catcher." John holds the record for pitchers with 3 in one play.

2. Mike Grady holds the record for position players with 4 errors in one play: "Grady could not field any position well. Once, playing third base for the 1899 Giants, he bobbled a ground ball, overthrew first, and when the batter advanced all the way to third base, dropped the throw from the first baseman. As the runner headed home, Grady launched the ball over the catcher's head."

Who's sadder: me or Jere?

I'm sadder. But happier, given these Tommy John memories! Was watching the Tommy John game, it was so sweet. (He was on the yanks at the time.) I remember this interview with him, where he said it must have been the ions in his cup combining with the full moon or something like that.

If you read my blog from yesterday, you know I played Scrabble last night. And if you've see Rosemary's Baby, you know the best way to do anagrams is with Scrabble tiles. Needless to say, the tiles are still out today. And that has allowed me to come up with:

A river on my spleen!

I'm late to this party, but:

Arise! Pry, Elven Mon,
Slimer op in Yerevan.
On, meaner vile spry:
Venereal rim on spy.

Plus it rhymes.

Slimer's first mention on EE?

I feel so funky.

I think he can hear you, Ray.

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