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Home » Meta & OpinionsJuly 2005 » Letter to the Boston Globe

Letter to the Boston Globe

I sent the letter below to the Boston Globe through their feedback page. I kept the boycott issue separate for sake of clarity.

To Whom it May Concern:
I am the writer and owner of a blog that was once listed on redsox.feedster.com. I noticed that traffic from this source suddenly dropped off. When I checked boston.com’s feedster page, I saw that my blog had been removed.

I am one of many Red Sox bloggers that have voiced our disgust with Steve Silva’s Boston Dirt Dogs site because of his recent use of a Civil Rights era picture in a racist manner. Silva also has control over the blogs that are listed on redsox.feedster.com. Under this arrangement and with the tacit approval of the Boston Globe and boston.com, Silva not only has freedom to disseminate hate speech on his site but also controls the access of other blogs to the public. I believe that my blog was removed because of my stance against Silva’s site.

If I am mistaken and my blog was removed for other reasons, I would like to know the reasoning behind this decision. If my suspicions prove correct, I recommend that someone other than Silva be responsible for the blog listing on the feedster page in order to achieve a level of respectability and integrity that is otherwise lacking.

If I get a response, I’ll post it here.


Good luck. They just send anything they get relating to Boston.com over to that department, and you get the same formulaic response Boston.com sends out. I sent two separate letters, one to Boston.com and one to Boston Globe after the photo was published. Boston Globe just forwarded it to the Boston.com team. No response from them.

The Boston.com team of course are the idiots that hired the guy in the first place.

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