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Home » MetaJuly 2005 » Empyreal Environs Removed from Red Sox Feedster

Empyreal Environs Removed from Red Sox Feedster

It was a matter of time, and I’m surprised it did not happen sooner: my blog was removed from the Boston Globe’s Red Sox Feedster page. Note that the administrator of this page is none other than Steve Silva of Boston Dirt Dogs. I’m in good company, as A Red Sox Fan in Pinstripe Territory had been removed a while ago when he rallied for the inclusion of Bullshit Memorial Stadium (currently on hiatus).

I don’t care if I’m listed on this page or not, and considered asking to be removed from the list since it is affiliated with the Boston Globe. You might recall that I am boycotting the Globe and boston.com along with other Red Sox bloggers, whom you can find on the Dump the Dog site, until they discontinue their association with Silva. However, I have to admit it was fun calling for the removal of Boston Dirt Dogs from Silva’s own fiefdom, like an inmate taking over the asylum. Click on the image below for a larger version of a screenshot I took when I announced my boycott.



The irony of the guy that runs one of the crappier and more low brow sites picking off and dropping the more high brow content is off the charts. It's pretty safe to say what type of fan Boston.com wants to attract. Fuck'em. (pardon the language)

You're better off without them as you said.

Welcome, Empy, glad to have you off board!

I thought it was funny how on that screen shot is also Joy Of Sox's post that refers to Jhonny Peralta's dog, which is a reference to my (blacklisted) site, and there's also a link to me in that post. I think everyone still on the feedster should reference blacklisted blog's names at the beginning all of their posts, just to piss off boston.com.

If any other boston.com employee ran their feedster section, you would not have been removed. I think that it's horrible that boston.com has given that asshole such power over all of their content, not just his dirty corner of the internet.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this issue.

After thinking it over, I decided to at least attempt to find out why I was pulled. If this results in Silva not controlling the Red Sox feedster page, it will have been worth it. It might take little steps like these to gradually reduce his influence at boston.com.

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