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Vantastic Voyage

His name is whispered in reverent tones across Red Sox fandom. The Boston Globe’s feature on Eric Van shows that he’s even more interesting outside of his baseball obsession. In reading the five other facts on Van, I find that he and I aren’t entirely dissimilar:

  1. He hosts a weekly “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” viewing party.
    I slay vampires on weekends. (Not every weekend, admittedly. Actually, I just maim them. In truth, vampires don’t exist. It was hard to eliminate all of them, however. Whew.)
  2. Van not only watches every Red Sox game but he also scores the games in extraordinary detail.
    I watch every Red Sox game and post my musings here in extraordinary detail.
  3. In 1986, Van and his ex-wife Anita Roy Dobbs produced the first video by Throwing Muses for a song called “Fish.”
    I listen to the Throwing Muses, and on numerous occasions in 1986 I ate fish.
  4. In science-fiction [sic] circles, Van is recognized as an expert on Philip K. Dick.
    I have read and enjoyed Dick’s work, and in science fiction circles I am recognized as one of 23,720 female fans.
  5. Van is a prolific reviewer on Amazon.com.
    I have ordered prolifically from Amazon.com.

It’s amazing how Red Sox fans extensively generate original and novel approaches to baseball statistics. Get in on the ground floor with the budding of a new Van, and see Reb’s work on Bases per Batter (BpB).


Eric Van: giving hope to nerds New England wide. od bless his sleepless soul.

"od" of course being my statistical spirituality tool, standing for "other deity", in an effort to equalize religious belief with mathematical realism.

Either that, or a typo.

Empy tags a liner off the wall. Great post.
It's followed by one of those "excuse me" bunt singles by Andrew to bring her in.

Very nice recovery there Andrew. LOL

OD bless America
Stat that I love
Stand beside it
And derive it
Make it right
Hope it might
Be indicative of

Something significant
Or substantive
Regarding divinity
And existence

OD bless America
My formula du jour
OD bless America
My algorithm for sure

Empy, you are a complete riot. I crack up every time I come here.

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