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Home » OpinionsJune 2005 » Doggedly Dumb: Boycott Boston Dirt Dogs

Doggedly Dumb: Boycott Boston Dirt Dogs

I do not visit Boston Dirt Dogs at all these days. Fortunately, Bullshit Memorial Stadium was able to document what is the most incendiary use of a photo yet by Steve Silva. The photo was of an African American man getting kicked by a white man in the Civil Rights era, made trivial by Silva when he associated it with Terry Francona returning to Philadelphia. It was replaced by a photo of a Philadelphia protest where a police officer died, not directly because of mob violence, but because of a heart attack in the course of a scuffle against protesters.

Boston.com pulled the first picture and posted an apology, but you can still give them feedback by clicking here. I continue to boycott the site and any advertisers that pay for space there.


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Thank you for this post. I think it is up to those of us who don't believe that anything goes to keep the pressure on the NYT Company and the Boston Globe to end their affiliation with this idiot.

Good call, Empy. I sent them some rather pointed feedback on this issue. I won't use boston.com's services if they continue to employ Silva or anyone else that associates racism with humor.

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