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Home » OpinionsJune 2005 » D&C: Discriminatory and Contentious

D&C: Discriminatory and Contentious

In October of 2003, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan were suspended for two weeks for comparing the Metco initiative of busing inner city students to suburban public schools to a gorilla that escaped from Franklin Park. It was the most enjoyable two weeks of the WEEI morning show I’ve ever experienced; actual sports talk on my commute was a great change of pace. But WEEI didn’t have the integrity or bravery to permanently oust the duo, primarily because of the pair’s high ratings.

Now D&C are boycotting a “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” party because they are upset that the Fab Five will be throwing out the first pitch of the game on Sunday. WEEI doesn’t have the most visionary leadership. Jason Wolfe, program manager of WEEI, was upset by “the openness and the flaunting of it.” Should heterosexual couples be shamed for walking down the street holding hands? Should I apologize for my Asian features?

The cast is in town for Boston Pride Week, a tradition of over 35 years. Each year there is a theme, and this year’s is “Pride in Progress...What’s Your Fight?” My fight is against hatred of, discrimination against, and intolerance towards any person based on their ethnic or national origin, color, race, religion, age, gender, sexuality, or disability. (Baseball affiliation, however, is non-negotiable.) I will be at Sunday’s game, and I will be giving the Fab Five a standing ovation.

Is D&C’s absence at the fête supposed to symbolize them not granting their fiat to the occasion and the philosophy of life it represents? If so, fine by me, since they have proven that what they stand for is diametrically opposed to my beliefs.


I just wrote a thing on this too. I haven't heard much about the Dennis and Callahan flap, but it doesn't particularly surprise me... and honestly, the more I hear people complain about blatantly inocuous things like three guys throwing out a pitch... the more I think that the anti-gay movement is dying a slow comic death. Here's hoping. Enjoy the game.

I've hated the D&C show for years. I'm upset at the WEEI program manger's comment in the article, too. "Openness and flaunting of it"? What decade is it, 1970?

Timlin said similar crap to the Hartford Courant during spring training, but I haven't found the article. The Courant's web archive has a crappy search feature and it's expensive, so I'll have to go to a library and look through physical copies or microfilm if I want to find it.

twitch124, Outsports has a transcription of Mike Timlin's comments to the Hartford Courant at

Looks like Timlin has become the Red Sox' go-to guy whenever the local press needs an anti-gay comment from a judgemental, holier-than-thou "Christian".

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