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Game 50: May 30, 2005
Orioles (31-19), 8
Red Sox (27-23), 1
W: Rodrigo Lopez (4-2)
L: Bronson Arroyo (4-2)

David Newhan isn’t your prototypical power hitter, slugging just .321. Yet he broke this game open for the Orioles in the 3rd inning with his grand slam. Annoyingly, he’s one of those players who toiled in the minor leagues for so long you just can’t begrudge him of any success he finds in the majors. This article from last year shows his scrappiness, a necessity in a profession that considers 5'10", 180 pounds too small. Moreover, his multiple shoulder operations cast further doubts on his ability to perform. He earns $365,000, fairly paltry in comparison to other platoon players. Ramon Vazquez gets paid a little less than twice as much, and he doesn’t play the outfield.

I’m not ready to press the panic button yet on Arroyo. Expectations were too high for him to continue to meet them. He wasn’t exactly the paragon of pitching perfection in the postseason last year, going 12.2 innings total with an ERA of 7.82, but since he was in the midst of the pivotal slap play in Game 6 last year, fame and attention accrued to him. He does have outside pursuits such as his music career, but I won’t attribute this as a distraction contributing to poor play. Rather, he’s showing that he is the typical third or fourth starter, and you can’t expect extraordinary performances every start.

The blinding shine of John Olerud’s helmet continues to astound me. There’s some sort of sticker on the top of it that he hasn’t yet removed since the Yankee series. Despite him being the reason for Dave McCarty’s ouster, I’m enjoying him on the team immensely. Recently I heard Terry Francona on WEEI talking about how great it was to have “a classy kid” like Olerud on the team. I’m not misquoting there. Did the Pawsox haze Olerud when he got there? It was his first time in the minors, ever. You can’t tell me Abe Alvarez and company weren’t tempted to put BenGay in his jockstrap or some such. What would they do if they got caught? “Uh, sorry, John. Er, I mean, sir.”


Geez one bad outing, everybod's freaking out...calm down I say to them. The kid is good though, but not as good as a lot of people are making him out to be. (the Toronto game was a mixed bag and the New York one was bullshit because he got fucked over by the umpiring)I don't think he'll be like superstar, but I don't think he'll be exactly sucktastic. Though I dunno if he'll do well this next time out. He's not exactly lights out against the Angels(ALDS game three notwithstanding).

And his playoffs sucked, but the numbers are badly skewered by the shitfest of Game 3 of the ALCS. Yeah this sounds like somebody defending their binky, but you can't blame me man. :)

We'll see what happens w/ him in the long run.

To be fair to young Bronson, hi start in Toronto can be blamed WAY more on crappy defense than on Arroyo's pitching. only 2 of those runs were earned, and while he didn't rally shut the Jays down after the errors, he should have been out of that inning. So really, that' only one truly ugly start fo him. And he just pitched 1.1 perfect innings in relief of Wake tonight. So... go Bronson, basically.

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