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Game 23: April 30, 2005
Red Sox (12-11), 9
Rangers (12-13), 2
W: Bronson Arroyo (3-0)
L: Pedro Astacio (1-3)

It was difficult for me to follow this game with any consistency as I’m in Newport, Rhode Island for a mini getaway. In recognition for something I did at my job I got a free night at a hotel I would otherwise be hard-pressed to pay for on my own. (They could give me a raise so that I could, but that’s another story.) At any rate, they know what a baseball fan I am, so they also got me tickets for the Pawtucket Red Sox game on May 1st.

I was at a pub called Buskers eating dinner and trying to keep tabs on the game, but my seat had me at an acute angle from the closest television. Everyone looked Arroyo-thin; it was amazing I was even able to see Arroyo because of his slight figure. Don’t let the thin frame fool you, however. He pitched 7 innings with only 5 hits, 2 earned runs, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts, and an ERA of 3.69. He’ll need to keep on appealing that 6-game suspension because only he and Wakefield have been viable starters.

Despite the bad viewing angle, I know the batting stances and peculiarities of the players enough so that I could see who was up. I recommend the Irish Stew and Bailey’s Creme Brulée, by the way. Even the tiny bit of alcohol that was in the dessert made me drowsy because of my lack of aldehyde dehydrogenase, so I had to get back to the hotel. For some reason, I think Red Sox games are blacked out from the FM signal for WEEI. Either that, or I am an idiot and couldn’t find the correct station. Compounding my lack of access, the hotel doesn’t offer NESN as an option. So, I logged on to Gameday Audio. The feed dropped off every few seconds, probably because of the HotSpot wireless access. “Blalock hits a ____ to center field. That one was really smoked. He’s batting ____ this season so far. And that makes the score ____.”

The things we do for love.

Mike Timlin and Keith Foulke allowed only 1 baserunner between them. It helps that the young Texas team is impatient at the plate, although you can’t use that excuse with Alfonso Soriano any longer. Joe Castiglione commented on Soriano’s lack of discipline, stating that it was surprising for someone with his experience and talent to continue to swing at will. Last year there was only a .044 difference between his BA and OBP. Castiglione also hinted that he might be uncoachable, bringing up the fact that he was resisted transitioning to the outfield.

A winning record in April, even though just barely, is a fine accomplishment given the injuries and inconsistencies of the team. They stopped a losing streak and the bats went Peter Frampton. The club goes for the series in the afternoon. If eating at Buskers was any help, I’ll be happy to return and bring the mojo back for a return engagement. (I just ran a spellcheck, and the dictionary suggested “Ballcock” for Blalock, “Fluke” for Foulke, and “Castigation” for Castiglione. I’ll stick with what I have, thanks.)


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For future reference next time you're in Newport, 630 AM WPRO carries the Sox games for RI.

BTW I'm thinkging about applying to McCoy Stadium to be a mascot. I'm only thinking about it and I highly doubt I'll get the job, but it'd be pretty funny, but I fear of random kids kicking me in the shin. And if Arroyo ended up having to make a rehab stint....um......no comment

Thanks for the information on the radio stations, Piney. I'm completely lost once outside of WEEI's AM range.

Being a mascot could be fun, but keep in mind with the summer coming it will be pretty uncomfortable in those suits.

Your comment made me think of furry fandom. Hey, maybe Deathwish is into mascots? ;-)

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