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Home » Dave’s DiegesesMay 2005 » Dave’s Diegesis: Replacement Candidate #1

Dave’s Diegesis: Replacement Candidate #1

EE: So the goal here, Mike, is to write about a topic in science, sociology, literature, and so forth, for an audience of baseball fans. Dave was very good about bringing his on-field experience, combining it with cutting edge developments, and presenting it to the readership.

Mussina: Baseball fans are interested in things other than beer and gambling?

EE: Well, sure, yes. The readership here is a fairly eclectic group. You really shouldn’t underestimate them.

Mussina: If you say so. So, I can talk about the differences between the classical theory of economics versus the marginalist economic theory, and your readers would eat that up?

EE: Yes, especially if you write about it using your team as an analogue. For example, you could describe the marginal utility of the Yankees winning a World Series. Frame it in terms of how much more happiness a customer receives from purchasing in contrast with buying less. Is the Yankee organization satiated, so that with the hypothetical next World Series Championship that your team buys, the winning won’t be as enjoyable as the previous titles, and so brings less marginal utility?

Mussina: Having never experienced winning a championship, I wouldn’t know.

EE: Oh, that’s right. My apologies. Slipped my mind.

Mussina: Upon reflection, I have to say this does intrigue me. It’s not like I hang around with my teammates a lot, so I have a surfeit of time to work on this.

EE: Glad to hear this is something you might want to contribute to. We’ll be in touch.

Every Friday, Dave McCarty used to join us to discuss a topic of interest to him and probably no one else but the author of this site. Since he was designated for assignment recently and will mostly like retire, EE is in the process of finding a replacement.


"slipped my mind."

Man, I love this site!

I vote for Moose, as long as he promises not to make his scary pitching face. Because that? Freaks me out.

Who else you got on tap?

God, even though MacDaddy may retire, can we keep him.....I so used to look foward to Friday's with Dave.....I say we dont look for a replacement just keep Dave..


Long time listener, first time caller.

I miss Dave. I'm sad for Dave. And I must ask this: Stanford or no, would Dave want to see Mussina's mug in his spot on a weekly basis? Is that what Dave would want?

May I suggest, in his stead, Toronto's own Miguel Batista? In addition to being a perfectly servicable reliever, he's also an author and a poet in his own right - a worthy replacement for Mr. McCarty.

I find it amusing that there are ZERO votes for the Moose....I think the tribe has spoken and MacDaddy should come back..


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