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Game 49: May 29, 2005
Red Sox (27-22), 7
Yankees (27-23), 2
W: David Wells (3-4)
L: Mike Mussina (5-3)

It was a night of Davids, a name whose meaning is possibly derived from the Hebrew “dod,” meaning “beloved.” And for once, Wells was deserving of affection. Perhaps he’ll change numbers with players that are going hot every game now. He switched numbers with Edgar Renteria and wore “16” instead of his habitual “3.” Next time Wells pitches, I fully expect to hear, “Pitching for the Red Sox, number 34, David Wells.” Everyone wants a part of Ortiz; witness Ramirez wearing his wristbands.

I actually took notes during the course of the game. While I’m not on par with Andrew’s game posts, I wanted to give it a try, especially since this was such a key game.

1st inning
Renteria and Wells switch numbers (16 and 3)
Damon strikes out swinging
Renteria 10-pitch battle; line drive to Womack
Ortiz bomb. My god what a blast. He watches it as it takes orbit. 2 runs score.
(Morgan prattles about Bill Mueller not hitting Mussina well.)
Ramirez ground ball single to Womack
Nixon hits one hard, but right at Williams
Millar pop fly to Sanchez, our old friend
(36 pitches for Mussina)

Jeter leadoff home run after 6 pitches
Womack fly out center
Sheffield line drive home run. Wells tries to sneak one past Sheffield on the first pitch. Highly inadvisable.
Rodriguez ground ball single to right field
Posada GIPD
(21 pitches for Wells)

2nd inning
(Did Morgan mention enough times that Mueller is 0 for 20 against Mussina?)
Mueller BB on 4 pitches. What was Mussina afraid of? Didn’t he hear Morgan? 0 for 20.
Mussina interlude where he waxes philosophic about pitching: “Hope you have everything, most days you don’t.” Very glad he wasn’t selected. So very glad.
Morgan says, “I wanted to go to Stanford. I didn’t have the money or the grades.” Dude, you think reading Moneyball is too taxing.
Shoppach K swinging
We are informed that Bellhorn has 4 hits and 6 Ks in 23 at bats against Mussina.
Bellhorn BB on 7 pitches, the last 3 of which are balls.
Mussina upset with plate ump.
Damon GIDP
(24 pitches for Mussina)

Matsui flies out to center first pitch
Williams soft line drive out to center first pitch
Russ Johnson pop fly out to right second pitch
(4 pitches for Wells)

3rd inning
Renteria home run on 5 pitches
Ortiz home run first pitch. Hello, batter’s eye black seats.
It’s Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic.
Manny singles to left
RBI double for Nixon (over Williams’s head, unsurprisingly)
(Morgan says, “This is good hitting, not bad pitching. They are the world champions.” The strain on Morgan to give the Red Sox a compliment nearly killed him. I’m surprised his head didn’t explode and leave bits of his cerebral cortex splattered on the high defintion television in the booth.)
Millar grounds out to short
Mueller flies out to left
Shoppach grounds out to short
(25 pitches for Mussina)

Sanchez lines out to Bellhorn
Wells throwing error to first, Jeter safe
Womack GIDP
(8 pitches for Wells)

4th inning
Mussina gone, Chien-Ming Wang replaces him
Bellhorn flies out to Womack
I can’t believe Williams made that catch to get Damon. (The crowd chants his name.)
Renteria singles up the middle
Booing for Ortiz
Ortiz line drive single to center
Bernie misses on a Ramirez single to center. Renteria scores. (That’s more like the Williams we know. The crowd isn’t chanting so much any more.)
Nixon BB
Millar strikes out swinging
(23 pitches for Wang)

Sheffield K swinging (3 pitches, 3 strikes)
Rodriguez pop flies to Millar
Posada grounds out to Wells on the first pitch
(7 pitches for Wells)

5th inning
Mueller ground ball out to 1st baseman
Soppach ground out to Rodriguez
Bellhorn ground out Sanchez
What the hell was that? A 1-2-3 inning for the good guys? I don’t recall what those look like.
(12 pitches for Wang)

Matsui flies out to center
Williams doubles to right
Johnson lines out to right on the first pitch
Sanchez grounds out to short. That’s the Sanchez I remember.
(17 pitches for Wells)

6th inning
Damon infield single
Morgan gets huffy regarding scoring Damon’s at bat a hit or an error. “I’m not going to comment. You just have to catch the ball.”
Renteria GIDP
Ortiz pops out to Jeter
(11 pitches for Wang)

Jeter grounds out to Mueller
Womack strikes out looking
Mueller stops Sheffield from getting extra bases, but he gets a single nonetheless
Rodriguez grounds out to Mueller. It’s the Mueller defensive show.
(12 pitches for Wells)

7th inning
Ramirez strikes out looking
Sanchez ranges to his right to get Trot Nixon out. Heaven forbid Morgan compliment a 2B playing well.
Talk about Rodriguez’s therapy
Millar reaches on Rodriguez error. Morgan says that’s not an error. Who are we to argue with a Hall of Famer?
Mueller flies out to center
(20 pitches for Wang)

God Bless America, a.k.a. icing out the Red Sox pitcher. I prepare a soufflé from scratch whilst Ronan Tynan sings.
Olerud defensive replacement at first
Posada lines out to Bellhorn
Matsui uses “Kashmir” as entrance music. Flies out to Ramirez.
Williams grounds out to Mueller
(8 pitches for Wells)

8th inning
Shoppach grounds out to first
Bellhorn grounds out to second
Damon singles to right
Renteria reaches on Rodriguez error. Changed to base hit.
Stanton replaces Wang
Ortiz RBI single, Renteria to 3rd
Worcester’s own Tanyon Sturtze takes the mound
Manny grounds into force out, Ortiz out at second
(12 pitches for Wang, 7 pitches for Stanton, 1 pitch for Strutze)

Johnson lines out to Bellhorn
Sanchez flies out to Nixon
Jeter grounds out to Bellhorn
1-2-3 inning
(8 pitches for Wells)

9th inning
Tanyon Sturtze hits Nixon and it looks to have been on purpose. Both teams warned.
Olerud strikes out on foul tip
Mueller GIDP
(12 pitches for Sturtze)

Sierra grounds out to Mueller
Sheffield ground ball single to center
Wells doesn’t get a complete game, gets booed. Looks upset that Francona doesn’t keep him in. Hey, look, you didn’t have rehab starts and look what happened before. Not risking it.
Foulke up
Rodriguez flies out to center
Posada flies out to left
(9 pitches for Wells, 5 pitches for Foulke)

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