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Due to a recent spate of anonymous, spam-like (no offense to Spam lovers) comments that added nothing to the conversation, I am going to have a policy of sorts where I delete nonsensical comments. Some will argue that if I strictly adhere to this policy the entire blog would wink out of existence. If that were the case, then this post would go unfini


I don't know if the spam-like comments you're getting fit this profile, but they might. If they're just a bunch of nonsense words or porn words, they could be attempts by comment spammers to link farm that are getting crippled and semi-blocked by your blog host's security. A symptom of this is entries in your hit or referrer logs with URLs that don't resolve to a host. (I don't know if you use a log service. I use a free one (site meter) that doesn't give full URLs, but it's enough to let me know if something's attacking my blog.)

There are also spam filter programs specifically made for blogs, that introduce a security key for all comments (one of those 'type the following characters' where a bunch of letters and numbers appear all wavy). They're really annoying, but they do seem to work.

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