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JackierobinsonlogoGame 10: April 15, 2005
Devil Rays (4-6), 0
Red Sox (5-5), 10
L: Hideo Nomo (1-1)
W: David Wells (1-2)

Jackie Robinson Day

My first live game of the season. Just a Tampa Bay game, to be sure, but it was nice to be back. Some impressions and observations:

  • It is possible to clap and smile maniacally every time the public address announcer says “defending World Champions” and not look too much like a fanatic, because everyone else is doing the same.
  • There were two sets of kids in the section near me, one pair of Yankee fans (I don’t know why they were there, but both were wearing “NY” caps while their mother or maybe aunt wore a Red Sox World Series hat) and a duo of Red Sox fans. The Yankee kids sang songs, made fun of each other and the teams, and in general did not pay attention to the game. The Red Sox kids watched the game and asked questions about baseball strategy during the course of play. One even said something like, “Wow, when Nomo started, his ERA was under 1. Now, it’s like double digits.” May I adopt him? It starts early, I’m telling you.
  • At one point, the Red Sox mom/aunt grabbed the kid’s Yankee cap and smushed it. I really wish I could have taken a picture of this. She then pointed to her own cap, mouthing the words “World Champs.” This is what made me think she was perhaps not the mother of the kids, because it seemed a little cruel. Hilarious, but cruel. One of the Yankee spawn’s name was “Alex.” Maybe it was child Alex Rodriguez saved?
  • Sadly, the memory and legacy of Jackie Robinson is not as widely revered as it should be.
  • On a cold night, you don’t want to be at a game where tarriers like Hideo Nomo pitch. Thanks for knocking him out early, guys.
  • Standing up and talking on your mobile phone to try and find your friend in a different section might be acceptable if you do not do so when the bases are loaded with Manny Ramirez at the plate. Thank you for at least sitting down by the time Ramirez reached base by walking and David Ortiz got to the plate, inconsiderate mobile phone guy.
  • Do Bronson Arroyo and Casey Fossum share dieting tips?

Baseball-wise, it was the night of the Davids, with Ortiz’s grand slam and Wells looking as if he is returning to form. Even McCarty contributed with a 2-RBI single in the 7th. He’s not your typical late innings defensive replacement.

Below are some of the better photos I took last night, including the new warning sign to fans in right field.







aw, the itty bitty red sox fans sound adorable. Great photos.

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