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Game 19: April 24, 2005
Red Sox (11-8), 11
Devil Rays (8-11), 3
W: Bronson Arroyo (2-0)
H: Matt Mantei (2)
H: Mike Myers (1)
H: Mike Timlin (2)
L: Hideo Nomo (2-2)

Avoiding the sweep is good, and so are two bench-clearing incidents. Nothing gets the blood flowing and generates esprit de corps more than a scuffle with the enemy. Terry Francona may have worried about forging a team identity last season, but this year the personalities seem to be meshing quickly. Would you have ever imagined Edgar Renteria spoonfeeding applesauce to Albert Pujols or Scott Rolen? Me, neither. I also saw a recent postgame show where Kevin Millar had him singing “Whiskey for My Men, Beer for My Horses.”

Trot Nixon continued his personal vendetta against the Devil Rays. He just has something against mobuloids. Who can forget his bat “slipping” when hitting against Ryan Rupe? Creative retaliation, there. The ejections were balanced on both sides and all happened in the 7th inning: for Tampa Bay, Lance Carter, Dewon Brazelton, and Lou Piniella got pulled; for Boston, Nixon, Arroyo, and Francona were tossed.

The skirmishes would have been for naught if the Red Sox didn’t come away with a win. It was an outstanding (Don Orsillo’s favorite superlative) outing for Jay Payton, who I’ve taken to calling “Payday Payton.” Three Red Sox hit home runs: Manny Ramirez in the 7th, right after getting thrown behind; Payton in the 8th, getting his second career grand slam; and David Ortiz in the 8th, after Carter had thrown near his head in the previous inning.

An interesting development is Millar being able to get the ball towards opposite field, relying less on pulling pitches. He’s only been flying out to center and right fields, but it’s refreshing to see a different approach from him. Someday, in some game, a ball will drop in for him, or he’ll be able to execute a sacrifice fly with a runner on 3rd, and his efforts will be rewarded. Speaking of Millar, it seems as if he’s a particular target for retaliation, and I believe it is because he was a replacement player. I realize some of the pitches that hit him were not intentional, but I do think that outside of the Red Sox organization he is not held in high regard.

Applesauce. It does a body good.


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Bronson Arroyo was named after Charles Bronson for a reason...and now we know :D

I agree with your comments on Millar being a target because he was a replacement player. And locals just don't mention the 1994-1995 strike at all. Except for confused video gamers posting on message boards to ask why Millar is never in the video games which license player appearances from the union.

Looking at the Baseball Almanac replacement players list, a lot of the replacement players have really high hit by pitch numbers. Also, at least 3 of them have been employed by the current ownership of the Red Sox.

I'm gonna put a spreadsheet together and see if it's statistically significant. Other people have probably done it before, but I like running the numbers myself.

That's an interesting point, re: replacement players and hit-by-pitch numbers. It never really occurred to me, but it could very well be a reality for these guys. Do let us know if the numbers show anything significant, as I'd be interested in seeing it (and am far, far too lazy/inept to run the numbers myself).

My brother brought up that same point about the replacement player part of why Millar is hit so often. Somebody should do a study of HBPs and replacmeent players to see if it adds up

twitch, let me know when you finish your analyses and I'll link to your site. It looks like a lot of folks are interested to see what you come up with. Thanks!

I'm working on it. I'll email you guys when it's done. It won't be until later this week, since things are crazy at work right now.

It's done and up at:

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