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Game 9: April 14, 2005
Yankees (4-5), 5
Red Sox (4-5), 8
L: Tom Gordon (0-1)
W: Keith Foulke (1-1)

It seemed as if everyone, the fans, the players, the managers, the umpires, was on edge. Being on the edge can be an advantage, heightening your awareness and enhancing the accuracy of your response. Or, for others, those with poor coping mechanisms, like umpire Greg Gibson, it can turn you into a being incapable of calling a consistent strike zone. For others, like a random fan in the stands, it might embolden you to take a swipe at a baseball player. For still others, like Gary Sheffield, it may perhaps inspire you to retaliate at said swipe.

Being on the edge can inspire a team guided by a single purpose, to sharpen that focus and win the first series of the season, making an April game seem almost like a September one.

Randy Johnson gave up 5 hits, 3 of the home runs. Notably, Jay Payton and Edgar Renteria, both formerly of the National League, were able to take Johnson yard, as well as Jason Varitek. It seems that familiarity breeds some contempt (as much as one can against a 5-time Cy Young Award winner).

As I recall, Terry Francona took months before he was ejected from his first game of 2004. He’s starting off early this year by getting thrown out in the 4th inning, perhaps on recommendation by his doctor to not let things fester within. He was ejected right after hitting Ron “Papa Jack” Jackson was dismissed, for what reason everyone is still attempting to discern.

My first live game is tonight. Sure, it’s only the Devil Rays, a bit of a comedown from the classic American League East glamor match-up. With Lou Pinella coaching the opposition, there’s always the chance of him throwing a tantrum. David Wells also has something to prove to the skeptical home crowd. If you have any words of advice you’d like me to pass on to him, by all means let me know.

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