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Deserving Comment

I have to say that my readers have been writing much more interesting things than I have lately. Be sure to check out their sites:

  • Read up on twitch’s research on replacement players being hit at a greater rate than other players here. I’m glad she took the time to look into the claim I made in the Tampa Bay hullabaloo game. Plus she knows about Harajuku EGL style.
  • NU50 outgeeked Dave on the trajectory of objects in flight. Not many can claim this. See his new puppy here.
  • Tim at Bullshit Memorial Stadium always has great game commentary as well as views on politics, music, and other sundry topics. He’s probably forgotten more about baseball than I’ll ever know.
  • If you’re like me, you anxiously await the new “Red Sox logos in nature” at A Red Sox Fan in Pinstripe Territory. Thanks to Jere for correcting me on some of the factual errors I’ve made lately. The check is in the mail.
  • I wonder who Sam at Blue Cats and Red Sox will cheer for at the Hall of Fame Game which pits the Tigers against the Red Sox?

Also, I’m in a bit of a quandry because of the rainout. When I recap games, do I contiue the numbering with “Game 22” or skip that number? I checked what Retrosheet does, and they just use the date. It’s sad. These are the things that keep me up at night.


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» Suspensions All-Around from BoSox Blotter
Shawn just emailed this to me about the suspensions handed out by the Commissioner's office for the last game extravaganza at Tampa Bay. It seems Bronson Arroyo got the hardest slap on the hand with a 6 game suspension, which I will get to in a bit. ... [Read More]


Nice place. Good to see you "keep it real."

Not even sure what "keep it real" means, mind you. But all the hep cats are saying it...

Here's my take on "game numbers": I had a ticket to "Home Game 2" of last year's ALCS. In other words, Game Four. When "Home Game One" was rained out, the game referred to on the ticket as "Home Game Two" was played as the THIRD game of the series. So, I can tell people I was at "Game Four," which, technically I was, but my game did not have Dave Roberts stealing a key base, but rather saw the Sox lose 19-8, as it was the third game played in the series.

So, I'd keep the order in tact. If you start talking about "Game 22" in June, people will think you've lost it.

Sorry to be a pest about the error correcting, but I am a proofreader by trade. And if you had called us the New York Red Sox one more time, I was gonna boycott:)

Also, I've found that I can blame my faultfinding and cynicism traits on being a Virgo. People seem to buy that, and then the topic usually quickly turns to something else.

Wow, being a Virgo makes you cynical? And here I thought it was my education or something.

Oh yes, and that Hall of Fame game is not an issue. It's good fun, I get to watch both my teams just fart around. It's the actual, in-season games that drive me batty. Usually I try to root for whoever needs it more in their division, but I always end up a wreck.

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