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He’s So Brave and Strong

Billmuellerst2005bRemember those old Looney Tunes cartoons with Chester and Spike? Chester was the hyper little terrier who followed around his hero, a bulldog named Spike. They made exactly two appearances, one being a parody of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In this feature they had British accents and Spike was called Alfie instead.

Kevin Youkilis is more bulldoggish in appearance, but it’s only his second year. I sense a Chester/Spike vibe between him and Bill Mueller, with the Professional being Spike/Alfie. However, Mueller wouldn’t slap Youkilis and say, “Ehh, shaddup!” See, Youkilis is even wearing the same sunglasses as Mueller. Can’t you just imagine him going to the sunglass shop and trying on pair after pair, and then seeing a set like Mueller’s, and thinking, “Well, Bill’s always saying how much he likes his, so....”

SpikechesterYou’ll remember that Spike/Alfie got beaten to a pulp by a puma and Mr. Hyde version of Sylvester, but all Chester saw was Sylvester without the clear and the cream. Eventually, Chester wore the bowler and became top dog. This will happen someday, but until then, Mueller is the starter. (This reminiscence is an attempt to not be too fangirly when posting another Mueller picture.)



I am starting to think you are coming down with a case of Billy on the Brain.....

Nice observation on the shades too, I didnt notice untill you said something....


haha...I love Youks and Billy...both fellow Pisceans :) I never really seemed to observe that between them. It is cute though now that I think about it.

It's okay to love Mueller...you're not fangirly to me. You just have a little crush :)

Did I mention my heart was a-racing when I got my sign autographed by him? My mouth got a little dry, too. Le sigh....

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