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Ace to See Flop?

Curt Schilling appears in Celebrity Poker Showdown on Tuesday, January 25th on Bravo. The competition includes Ray Romano (must be a Yankee or Met fan, as he was born in Queens), Brad Garrett, and Heather Graham. Not exactly tantalizing match-ups.

NESN and YES are getting on the poker gravy train with the Partypoker.net Boston vs. NY Poker Challenge. The show will pit teams of six against each other. I imagine the demographic represented will be WEEI types with a sprinkling of casual fan groupies as eye candy. Again, the concept is almost there.

I would propose a Boston sports legends tournament, with the likes of Ray Bourque and Wade Boggs (both freshly inducted hall of famers in their sports); Bobby Orr, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Bill Belichick, and Terry Francona (former and current Hub champions); and finally Mosi Tatupu and Russ Francis (I might be a bit biased towards athletes from Hawai‘i in this case). With Belichick in the mix, I can’t see how anyone else would stand a chance, but it would amusing to see grown men cower under his steely gaze. Please make this happen, NESN.


Something that must happen--a talk show involving a round table consisting of Dennis Eckersley, Bill Lee, Kevin Millar, Manny Ramirez, and Curtis Leskanic just talking baseball and everything in between. Trust me--it would be a hit!

The Poker challenge looks pretty friggin sweet too. I wouldn't exactly count out everybody else immediately. Belichick may be the favorite, but I think Bobby Orr could beat him.

I've never heard Leskanic in an interview; what is he like? He looks like the rough and ready type, someone that could teach me how to clean a shotgun, skin a raccoon, or go flyfishing. (I'm trying to find a nice way to say he looks like a hick. If you told me his name was "Cooter" I wouldn't be surprised.)

Eck and Lee are inherently hilarious. Throwing the others into the mix would kill. Millar in particular. I once saw a BDSSP with him, Eric Byrnes, and Barry Zito. KFK actually asked Byrnes about what he was thinking when he pushed Varitek in the ALDS of 2003. Byrnes looked like he would either cry and go and pull Millar's hair.

Why aren't you on NESN's executive board? Stop wasting your talent at Dunkin'.

I don't have complete quotes form Leskanic, but he's said some funny ish in his time here. And done some funny ish. He once put too much Icy Hot on his shoulder and in the middle of pitching vs Detroit, he had to stop and walk around a bit, he was tearing up and looked like he was overheating.

"I never saw anything like it. I might have completed it once during a video game"-on 3-2-4 DP

""They should cancel a presidential debate or something for this one. I've heard a couple guys saying, 'We should play Game 7 right now. I don't know about that, though. I haven't slept in about five or six days other than bits and pieces here and there. You get so wrapped up in these games, I'm just emotionally drained."-before Game 7 of the ALCS

"In the regular season, there are games when you get to the last inning and you're like, 'All right, let's get these last three outs.' But here, it's with every single pitch. I think I had three or four heart attacks today."-on postseason suspense

"They weren't just regular police, either. They were wearing the helmets and the visors. It was like some of those games I played in winter ball. We didn't know whether it was safe to walk across the field from the bullpen. I was afraid I'd look down and see one of those little red dots on my chest."-on the threat of the policemen in Game 6

"I can't even imagine. He'll probably fire everyone. 'You're gone! You're gone! You're gone!'"-on Steinbrenner's possible reaction post-Game 7


Lesky's a funny mofo...and he retired

Of course Leskanic's a hick....but he's a funny hick. He could fit in w/ the Blue Collar Comedy Tour

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