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X-Mas at Fenway Sound Clips

The entire escapade for me was dashed when it was announced at 11 a.m. that the Opening Day pack was sold out. However, there were some compelling things to be heard around Fenway today. While in line, 3 a.m. to 7 a.m.

  • “Hey, where’s your wristband? He’s trying to cut!”
    —Guy to taxi cab trying to get around the mob on Ipswich
  • “Baseball is number one; Red Sox are number two. Am I right? Am I?”
    —Extremely wasted kid
  • “Get ’em! Hit ’em again! If they take each other out, we move up in line.”
    —Man in front of me commenting on fights taking place in front of us

Lenny DiNardo appearance

  • Woman in audience: “Are you dating anyone?”
    Lenny: “No.”
  • Question: “Who would you most like to strikeout?”
    Lenny: “Derek Jeter.”

Curt Schilling appearance

  • Kid: “Do you want Pedro to come back?”
    Curt: “Do you?”
    Kid: [Pause] “Yeah....”
    Curt: “Yeah, me too.”
  • Woman: “What is your Christmas wish?”
    Curt: [Long pause]
    Someone else in audience: “Varitek!”
    Curt: “Yeah, that would be a good wish. Getting Varitek back. I would like that to happen.”
  • Woman: “What do you think about being one of this year’s most fascinating people?” [Reference to the Barbara Walters special]
    Curt: “Well, I’m kind of torn about that. On one hand you have Mel Gibson, who has done some incredible things this year. On the other hand, you have...Paris Hilton. What has she done? Well, we know what she has done...let’s leave it at that.” [Laughter]

Many people thanked Curt for coming to speak with us as well as for the championship. I asked him what he thought the MLBPA should do about steroids in baseball, and he advocated a more stringent policy. He had some heartfelt comments about Jason Giambi and what kind of person Giambi is. Curt wanted a stronger policy as they have in other pro leagues so that it would eliminated from the sport and so that players would not have to play under the veil of speculation.

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